The Primer: 10 Clipse Songs Everyone Should Know

05.30.13 5 years ago 73 Comments
clipse best songs

Two brothers out of Virginia Beach named the Clipse graced the Hip-Hop world with three great (Classics? Should we discuss?) albums and several sensational mixtapes over a seven-year period. And although their patented swagger is still alive and well every time Pusha-T picks up the mic for a G.O.O.D Music track, all we as rap-heads want is a new album featuring both of the Thornton brothers bodying Neptunes beats.

Until that day comes, it’s never a bad time to go back and re-discover what made Pusha-T and Malice so great in the first place. In classic Primer fashion, what follows is 10 quintessential tracks that new and old Clipse fans need to know.

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