10 Hyped Up Debut Albums That Flopped, Then Were Forgotten

10.05.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

Don’t fret, Kreayshawn, for you are not alone in having your debut bomb atomically. The folks over at Vibe put together a nifty compilation of a few much ballyhooed albums that wound up bricking worse than a Dwight Howard free throw.  Some of the artists tossed on the list include one-time big names like Lil’ Mama’s VYP (Voice of the Young People), Cee-Lo’s Perfect Imperfections, and the Gucci Mane/V-Nasty collaboration BAYTL (yep the one that Gotty accidentally dropped in his trash can and forgot to pick up). Hit the link below to see the full list if you’re looking for  a few chuckles.

10 Hyped Up Debut Albums That Flopped and Were Forgotten Forever

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