Cop: 10.Deep The Scattershot Buttondown Shirt

12.16.10 7 years ago 37 Comments

My better half complains that well over half of the shirts in my closet resemble each other. Slightly true. Most are blue buttondowns, which is partially true because I tend to find a shirt that fits well…and then buy two more identical ones. And while the RESPECT video seemingly betrays me, I testify that those are two totally different shirts! Whether it be OCD shopping habits or being a creature of habit, I like consistency and comfort because it’s hard to find just the right fit due to my long arms. With shirts, each blue-hued item that I own has slight nuances which make it totally different from its closet companion.

I’ve previously written on my Elvin Tibideaux nature and penchant for suede patches strategically placed on sweaters and shirts but the Scattershot Buttondown by 10.Deep goes above and beyond with both shoulder and elbow navy patches done in corduroy and oozing character. The cuts are generous without being ill-fitting, making this a nice number to be worn alone or layered.

So my wife dare not say this shirt looks like all my other blue shirts because it clearly stands alone.

Available for purchase @ Karmaloop.

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