Play Calling: 10 G.O.O.D. Friday Guest Appearances That Need To Happen

11.26.10 6 years ago 51 Comments
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1. Malice — So Yeezy proposes a toast to douchebags and a-holes but forgets to invite Pusha’s brother Malice, who’s writing a book about self-loathing? The angsty half of Clipse would gel brilliantly with the semi-emo Kanye, rhyming about supplying picturesque studio whores with product and pausing halfway through to hash out their guilt. Hell, G.O.O.D. needs Malice, if for no other reason than to keep the rabid Clipse stans from castrating ‘Ye for keeping one of their favorite groups apart. Even if a “Kinda Like A Big Deal” follow-up is null and void, we can at least get the elder Thorton sulking on wax instead of paper. Call it “Malice in Somberland.”

2. Mikkey Halsted — Of the numerous ways that the Friday gatherings could work, seeing Kanye reunite with his protege Mikkey Halsted would be the most gratifying. For the uninitiated, Mikkey was the artist of reference for Kanye’s “Last Call” monologue and a guy TSS has championed for some time now. While he’s making tremendous gains with his sound by working with No I.D. for his upcoming album The Dark Room, the socially-conscious, street savvy spitter still could benefit from one final push to bring him to mainstream awareness as one of the most forceful voices hailing from the Chicago streets.

If we can’t get a record reconciliation with Mikkey, can we sub in the Go Getters maybe?

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