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Maili Nomm

10 Great Cities To Raise Your Kids [Kiplinger]

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 Afghan Killed By NATO Airstrikes [The Daily Beast]

Nicki Minaj Dancer Charged With Murdering, Raping Fan [Gather]

3 Years After Taxpayer Bailout, Bank Of America Ships Jobs Overseas [Mother Jones]

Facebook Falls Below $30 As Option Trading Begins [WSJ]

The Most Ignored Dynasty In Sports [Slate]

25 Amazing GIFified Album Covers For Your Viewing Pleasure [Uproxx]

Tim Cook: Apple Is “Doubling Down” on Siri [All Things D]

Bob Saget Named ‘Princess For The Day’ At Chicago White Sox Game [With Leather]

Why Nas’ “Daughters” Is 100% Right And 100% Wrong At The Same Time [Very Smart Brothas]

A Man Jumped 2,400 Feet Out of a Helicopter Without a Parachute and Somehow Didn’t Die [Gamma Squad]

“Scrubs,” Reunited… On A Boat [Buzzfeed]

Taco Bell’s Ridiculous New Breakfast ‘Cocktail’ [HuffPost Comedy]

30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising A Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies & TV [Pajiba]

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