10 Video Game Levels That Gave Us Grey Hairs

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10 hardest video game levels

When most of us started playing video games we were debuted with the likes of the 8-bit era. Others had only experienced Atari style games or arcades. So when we go our mitts on those challenging Nintendo and Sega games, there was a whole new style of anger premiered in our generation: the rage quit.

Sure, you would quit while losing in Pong or to the cheating ass Blinky. These new games, though, created something more vicious. When a game can get you to the point when you throw a controller at your flat screen TV or cry, it was probably time to put the game down. But we didn’t. So here’s a few of those classic titles that stressed us out as young’ns and got some of us salt and pepper dos before we hit 40.

Now, let me go take my high blood pressure medicine.

1. The Water Temple
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The Ocrina of Time is one of the best games ever made. But it also has one of the most challenging levels ever created in gaming history. Sure, the water increases its difficulty. But the layout is so complex, along with the cryptically located keys, various uses of your hook shot and flute, it just makes for all kinds of rage and frustration.

2. Level 3: Turbo Tunnel (aka the jet-ski level)

Did you ever beat Battletoads? Of course you didn’t. Did you die over and over again on this level? Of course you did. What was a challenging level to play by your lonesome, it was pretty impossible to pass when in two player mode. This was because if one player died, then you both die. Torture in a cartridge.

3. The Dam (aka underwater level with the electric walls)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In this area, you have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to diffuse 8 bombs…underwater…while avoiding shocking algae, or coral, or whatever the f**k it was. All I know is this level was impossible to beat.

4. Zoness Stage (path to Sector Z)
Star Fox 64

Not all Nintendo-made games were cake walks. This cute, N64 sequel to our fav rail shooter gave us all kinds of rage when we got our hands on it. The third path to Sector Z (the final level) was cruel. You’re flying over a violent green sea, gunning down sea dragons, turrets, amphibious tanks, while still avoiding projectiles.

5. Stage 6-2
Ninja Gaiden

You wanna learn about real challenge? Try beating this level. The enemies respawn quickly. The kickback when you’re attacked. The random patterns of the projectiles. Also, the level is long and the time limit is not on your side. But to be honest, good luck even making it to this level.

6. Aztec Level
Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye was a pioneer of multiplayer FPS games. And you preferred the MP over the single player campaign, because sh*t, that campaign was tough. There are way too many enemies, turrets and you are often running from cover because of grenades. With repetition, it can be a breeze, but the Aztec level stressed us out like hell back when.

7. Tubular
Super Mario World

This is a challenge when you don’t utilize the “P” balloon. Without that power-up, you are going to struggle your way through various tube heights, huge gaps, those bitch-ass football dudes, and extremely tricky jumps.

8. Dr. Wily’s Castle Stages
Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2 is already know as one of the hardest games of all time. So it comes to no surprise the ending of this game was hard as hell. You’d think it wouldn’t be, since you have all the power-ups unlocked. Still, you have to re-defeat all the bosses, climb up and through a maze, AND take down Dr. Wily and a slew of other mini-bosses, AGAIN. All on ONE life.

9. World 8-4
Super Mario Bros.

Today, this level is a laughing stock. But back then, it took forever to beat. Games back them always had to find a way to keep us playing, with relentless difficulty or secret ways to advance.

10. Labyrinth Zone – Act 3
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sega Genesis

Sonic is all about speed! The Labyrinth level slows you down. But Act 3 raises the difficulty up a few notches. This is due to the air bubbles needed while you’re under water, the impaling spikes, and spontaneously erupting enemies. Then, at the end, you have to escape the quickly rising screen while under the water still.

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