Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t: The 10 Most Popular Mixtapes Of 2013

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most popular mixtapes 2013

There are times when the publishing game mirrors the job of a DJ. DJs will play certain songs not because they reflect their personal tastes but because those cuts are the ones people love. The tracks get the crowd hyped and moving.

Same thing with publishing. There will sometimes be pieces of music published not because the material is our first listening choice so much as they’ll be the sounds people are interested in hearing. Of course, since coming through here doesn’t require someone comment in order to listen/download/stream, a few of the top 10 projects seen here earned their spots with silent votes.

But, like we said, the numbers don’t lie. These 10 are the mixtapes people were in search of and ended up on our corner of the ‘net.

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10. Gucci Mane – Trap Back 2 & EastAtlantaMemphis

“Gucci Mane announced Waka Flocka was no longer apart of 1017 to the surprise of just about anyone who paid attention to the clique’s moves. Perhaps it was all an an elaborate ploy to pay attention to the fact Guwop would drop not one, but two, mixtapes in one night.” — Originally published March 16


9. YG – Just Re’d Up 2

“There are probably more than a few of you who didn’t anticipate YG would become bigger out West than many of Cali’s most notable up & comers. Yet, in 2013, that’s pretty much where we’re at. Despite his simplistic flows and misogynistic morals, this carefree MC has a keen ear for beats that properly display his x-rated raps and carry on his coast’s gangstafied two-step…” — Originally published January 22

yelawolf - trunk muzik returns

8. Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik Returns

“…With Trunk Muzik Returns it’s Yela’s chance to release music without any label muddling, sample clearances or other distractions. Just Billy’s records, the way he wants them to be heard.” — Originally published March 14

rich homie quan promise mixtape

7. Rich Homie Quan – I Promise I Will Never Stop

“I showed up ready to throw some shade but Rich Homie Quan’s new tape is some perfect weekend fare. Honestly, I appreciate the seriousness with which he named it: I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In. If he’s going to take himself seriously, then I’ll take him seriously as well. You still can’t argue with me and say that dude doesn’t come off as short bus status sometimes” — Originally published November 27


6. Pusha T – Wrath Of Caine

“Pusha T has a lot in common with Jordan. I’m not saying that the Virginia Beach cocaine cowboy is the greatest of all time, though you may get a different answer if you ask him. What he shares with number 23 is the fact that external motivation seems to coax the best performances out of him.” — Originally published January 28


5. Curren$y – New Jet City

“In what’s becoming a Super Bowl tradition, Curren$y presents a welcome alternative to football in the form of audio hors d’oeuvres with his New Jet City mixtape.” — Originally published February 3

kevin gates the luca brasi story

4. Kevin Gates – The Luca Brasi Story

“Two things were immediately evident upon listening to Kevin Gates’ latest offering The Luca Brasi Story. One, he’s a solo soldier. Two, his delivery is intense, just like the character of The Godfather.” — Originally published February 3

3. Lil Wayne – Dedication 5

“Lil Wayne’s been here before. At this point where he either puts out the type of project that retains fans or pushes them away.” — Originally published September 1


2. Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap

“…Acid Rap‘s the most anticipated rap project to come out of the Windy City since The College Dropout that’s most salient. That’s a lofty designation, considering that The College Dropout‘s influence wasn’t fully felt until years after it changed Hip-Hop culture. But for Chance, being mentioned in the same realm as one of his idols could be prophetic: what TCD did for a young Kanye West Acid Rap could do for Chance.” — Originally published April 30

gucci mane world war 3 mixtapes lead

1. Gucci Mane – World War 3: Lean + Gas + Molly

“It’s Christmas in August. Gucci Mane follows up 2009’s three tape bonanza of the Cold War with World War 3, dropping not one, not two, but three tapes, all presumably honoring some of his favorite substances.” — Originally published August 13

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