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Nikki J

10 Online Resources for Free, Legal Music [Mashable]

Magic’s Gilbert Arenas Served Court Papers At A Game [ESPN]

Trina Wears Revealing Dress On Stage [TUD]

John Kerry Breaks With Obama On Afghanistan [HuffPo]

Captain’s Log: Marisa Miller [Uproxx]

Brent Celek Explains His Strange Condition [KSK]

Phil Simms Is An Angry Dude [With Leather]

Minka Kelly’s 15 Sexiest Photos [Vibe]

10 Best Airports For Layovers [HuffPo]

Black Children 5 Times More Likely to Be Murdered in California Than Whites [Black Voices]

Latin Spice, The Original Queen of Booty (NSFW) [Spizzy]

Concrete TV With Rittz, JellyRoll [Concrete Mag]

Oscar Winners Don’t Make Movies More Money [PopEater]

Naughty By Nature To Drop First Album Since 2002 [HHDX]

A “Glee” Guide for Straight Guys [Gawker]

Taylor Swift Raps Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” [Crunk & Disorderly]

Oklahoma’s Crisis: Too Many Women Behind Bars [Time]

Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge by Turning Boyfriend Into a Meme [Gizmodo]

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