10 Songs Swizz Beatz Ruined

By 11.02.12

Swizz Beatz owns an undeniable place in rap music for being instrumental in the rise of Ruff Ryders powerhouse in the late 1990s. However, he’s also had an inglorious hand in mucking up music* that had potential to be great. We’re reminded of this fact** with the release of his new song “Everyday Birthday” featuring Chris Brown, Ludacris and a god-awful beat along with Swizz sh*tting into the mic.

With that as our starting point of reference, we decided to pick out 10 other songs where Swizz’s presence wreaked havoc in at least one way if not more.

* – We won’t even discuss Reebok. Let’s keep the focus solely on music.

** Yes, it’s a fact.

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Memphis Bleek – “Memph Bleek Is”

Swizzy didn’t rap on this but his production was enough to make your ears crawl. Weird horns, damp scratches and awkward cowbells probably had this song hidden way back in your memory banks. Either that or you don’t remember the song sounding so garish in your youth. Well now it’s back to haunt you thanks to this list. You’re welcome!

T.I. – “Swing Ya Rag”

When the oft-conflicted T.I. and Tip couldn’t decide on an early single for Paper Trail, Clifford’s multiple personalities called on Swizz to help settle things. Blame Beatz’s high brow instincts for trying to trick us into believing we should buy LV scarves, call them “rags” and twirl them in the air at the club.

Jay-Z – “Dig A Hole”

This is simply a song no one liked from a Jay-Z album few enjoyed. Therefore, they’re essentially a perfect match in mediocrity. There’d normally be a not that funny joke about digging a hole to protect your ears here. However, the warning will come too late by the time you press play. Just listen and deal with it, ok?

Gucci Mane – “It’s Gucci Time”

Gucci’s no Raphael De La Ghetto but even he admits the song was a mistake. There’s really nothing left to say after that so…yeah, how about those Giants?

Nas – “Summer On Smash”

We bet good money you said “OH, HERE WE GO!” and threw your arms up in the air, expecting the rest of Life is Good to fall apart. That thankfully didn’t happen but damn; Swizzland’s symphony was a warning shot if we ever heard one. Just call it “Summer on Skip” and be on your way.

“It’s Me Snitches”

Every word except “chillin in my Beamer/listenin to ‘Ether’” is a mess. The remix, that featured an in his prime Lil Wayne, only highlighted how much of a rapper Swizz Beatz is not.

Jadakiss Ft. O.J. Da Juiceman – “Who’s Real”

With an oddly paired Jada and O.J., and a beat punctuated by electronic horns that would best serve to announce the arrival of some sort of robot king, this song was doomed from the beginning. Swizz’s awful hook was the last shovelful of dirt that sent Jada’s single to that big clearance bin in the sky.

Chris Brown – “I Can Transform Ya”

David D.’s favorite artist has made many mistakes and many comebacks. This single was Brown’s first post-Rihanna foray back into the mainstream, but thanks to some shoddy work behind the boards, and annoying work behind the mic by Swizz, that comeback ultimately ended up in the mistake column after all.

“Lord Lord Lord”

What the f*ck, man? Did Swizz have a stroke or something? I’ve read multiple interviews where Pusha T admits that Kanye has had him rewrite verses on multiple occasions. If that is the case, how did this nonsense make it out of his Hawaii house of hits during the “G.O.O.D. Friday” sessions?

Cassidy – “My Drink N’ My 2 Step”

Technically, we could blame Swizz for doing his best to derail Cassidy’s whole career by transforming the Philly MC from a gritty, battle-ready rapper into…a guy rapping about drinking and dancing, as heard on “My Drink N’ My 2 Step.”

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