The 2015 Finale: The 100 Other Unforgettable Rap Songs We Enjoyed

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
12.30.15 19 Comments

Finale 2015 Smoking Section

The Finale and The Intermission are by far two of my most favorite pieces that we create annually. One, they’re chances to sneak a look into what my Crewmates are really listening to and liking when no one else is around. And, as a result, their contributions usually go straight into my listening rotation because I know the songs they recommend here are the ones they co-sign to the fullest.

As well, both articles call for honest reflection. When we do these lists, each one of us is allotted only a small number of picks, so it means you have to dig into folders, thumb through the iPod or my phone and really play through a lot of songs to decide which ones mean the most. Their shelf life extends way past the year itself, and they end up being the ones I carry with me long after this list publishes.

Whittling down the year for 2015’s Finale has been no joke and may be one of the toughest years we’ve done in a while. Hip-hop and music as a whole, which is why the list isn’t exclusively rap – were active with big names coming with releases, upstarts making an impact and even veterans bringing fresh, new content to the table. Obviously, we couldn’t list every single track that mattered, but we went through and grabbed the ones that meant the most to us. And here they are for you to enjoy. Also, for anyone who’s interested, the majority of the songs are compiled in a Spotify playlist at the very end.

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