The 2014 Intermission: 100 Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far

07.14.14 4 years ago 100 Comments

Intermission Lead 2014

Being July, we’ll go ahead and say it: this year in music’s been underwhelming.

Before setting the comments section aflame, consider that so far in 2014 many of the large, much-hyped projects have underachieved. And there have only been a handful of independent releases that have really embedded themselves into our eardrums.

But 2014 has been great for music if you base it strictly off individual tracks and artists heretofore we’d never heard–or weren’t well acquainted with. Think about it: YG, Isaiah Rashad, Lil Herb. All of these guys made their marks, not to mention phenomenal full projects. But then there are the lifers, the artists whom constantly kick audio-dope on an annual basis: Drake, Kendrick, Future, and Justin Bieber–yes, Justin Bieber.

We’ve enjoyed plenty of music this year so far, even if we’re solely speaking about individual tracks. However, isn’t that what really counts about music in the end?

Here are 100 of our favorite first-half cuts.

Update: Our loyal NZ homie NINA did everyone a favor by putting all of the available tracks on one Spotify playlist. Click here to listen.

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