“100 Shiesty’s”

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On my word, Mase was a blessing and curse for his Harlem World experiment.

One side of the argument says he gave them the necessary star-power to even be noticed in a crowded rap world. But the stronger argument says, the Bad Boy affiliation handicapped them. Too much shiny suit for a crew whose talents were better suited to be gritty. The antithesis coupled with listener’s Bad Boy backlash at the time.

Prime example is “100 Shiesty’s.” The subject matter: guns, robberies, drug dealing & court cases. None of which gels with the Murda Mase that Puff made handsome. As the most slept-on figure in the crew, Meeno shreds.

“…He don’t know my guns,
Turn commotion to slow motion, then
from slow motion to no mo-tion
He run up in the place, he hip-hoppin
Spit shots in, clip droppin
If I get caught, get Cochran
And give Pedro my pesos,
So he don’t snitch, while I lay low
For about a week or two
Come back peek-a-boo, you see me, I see you
And if you talk, you’ll be in ICU.”

Drag-On verse = opening lines = “We them aggins with the homicides, And got aggins the most traumatized…” = points scored as he proceeds to go during his appearance. Even Baby Stase’s lightweight, New Jack‘ed ad-libs on the track are harder than Mase’s lyrical contributions to the album.

In the end, it was that f*ckin association with Mase & Puff that doomed The Movement to second-tier status instead of being a first rate star. That plus the evident identity crisis that’s evident throughout. Around the house that Puff built, there was a lot of dark, creative energy leftover from working with Big that needed to be channeled into tracks because you had songs that were aggressive and sometimes eerie but each nearly perfect. “Family Problems.” “Pointing Fingers.” Even the lighter sounds of “You Made Me” had enough punch to induce the “Ferris Face” for me. But they were all overshadowed by glitzy radio rap such as “I Like It” and “One Big Fiesta,” which were pure Puffy-ism.

The cookie crumbled and, after one album, so did the group. But that’s okay. I just got a brand new copy from Amazon for only $3.

Harlem World Feat. Drag-On – “100 Shiesty’s”

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