100-Word Review: Freddie Gibbs and The World’s Freshest’s ‘The Tonite Show’

Freddie Gibbs World Freshest Album Artwork

Freddie Gibbs ventures to Oakland to do The Tonite Show with producer The World’s Freshest (formerly known as DJ Fresh). It’s a solid collaboration that layers Fresh’s jazzy production beneath Fred’s icy vocals to create standout records like “B*tches, Dope, and Dollars” and “On Me.” The guest slots (like Sir Michael Rocks on “I Wanna Do It”) help to vary the tempo and keep listeners interested by diversifying the sound enough to give it flavor, without throwing off the album’s groove. And clocking in at seven songs, it’s a quick, enjoyable listen that ends before it can go stale.

Standout Songs: “B*tches, Dope, And Dollars,” “Interlude,” “Keep It Gangsta”

Songs To Skip: “P*ssy Got Slap”

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