100-Word Review – Sean Price’s “Mic Tyson”

11.13.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Every once in a while you have to drink bourbon straight. No ice cubes. No bitters. No fruit garnishes. Cocktails are enjoyable here and there, but sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are drinking liquor. Sean Price’s Mic Tyson is straight no chaser Hip-Hop at its very best. Price packs each song with rewind-worthy multi-syllable mayhem, and not much else. Still the album is satisfying in its simplicity. The long overdue pairing with Alchemist produced four neck-breaking tracks (especially “S.T.F.U. part 2.”). Other highlights includes P’s jaw-dropping verse on “Solomon Grundy” and the Pumpkinhead-featured “Battering Bars.”

Standout Songs: “STFU, Pt. 2,” “Solomon Grundy,” “Battering Bars,” “Pyrex”

One To Skip: “Frankenberry”

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