11.18.07 10 years ago 71 Comments

This is the definition of a true artist.

Someone who, in spite going through the hardest of hardships, continues to push himself in the face of anguish. Someone who can openly admit and share that pain with people he doesn’t know, but embraces their forthright support for him like family. Someone who feeds off that consolation, doesn’t hide behind a shell of himself, and recovers and reiterates that love by spilling his soul through the music that everyone came to see.

As much as certain people frown on his arrogance and huge leering shadow, it’s the man’s sheer sincerity that earns him so much prestige. It’s also what gave Graduation the now elusive double platinum mark. Above all, it’s what makes him one of the most prominent artists in today’s music.

If you watch this clip and don’t get goosebumps, I might just call you a liar.

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