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Suanny Serpas

Suanny Serpas

13 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday [Fox]

The 24 Hours Obama Almost Threw His Reelection Away [NY Mag]

What Happens When You Dress As A Boston Marathon Victim [Buzzfeed]

Why The Hell Does Your Drink Cost So Much? [Deadspin]

I Bought An Apartment To Rent Out On AirBnB [NeedWant]

Teddy Riley Sues Lady Gaga For Unpaid Royalties [Hip-Hop Wired]

‘Moesha’ Star Miles Charged With Domestic Violence [Global Grind]

Struggle Rapper Interrupts News Segment For A Quick Freestyle [C+D]

Ben Franklin’s Daylight Savings Time Proposal Was A Joke [Today I Found Out]

Usain Bolt Ate 1,000 Chicken McNuggets During Olympics [LBSports]

Zimmerman Juror Now Questioning Her Not Guilty Vote [The Urban Daily]

Skydiving Planes Collide, Everyone Survives [USA Today]

Google Employees Confess The Worst Things About Working At Google [Business Week]

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