12 Things You May Have Missed During The LeBron Homecoming

07.12.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

Words by Derz

Let me guess. You spent the past 24 hours devouring analysis on the LeBron trade, laughing at the memes and engaging in countless Facebook, Twitter, text and phone conversations on the news with your friends (personally, I did all that and watched 22 Jump Street).

Well, guess what? The Decision 2.0 opened the flood gates on a heap of other free agent moves and trades in the NBA off-season, much of which many may have missed. Let’s get to it.

1. Chris Bosh, who these days is essentially a rich man’s Channing Frye, is the highest paid player in the NBA after the Heat re-signed him to a five-year contract worth a maximum $118 million.

2. Isaiah Thomas went to Phoenix for four years, $27 million. Sacramento continues to confound with its decision making.

3. Pat Riley gave Dan Gilbert a lesson in how to avoid burning bridges.

chandler parsons mark cuban

4. The Rockets will match Dallas’ offer for Chandler Parsons, making Chandler and Cuban’s nightclub party in Dallas the epitome of a one-night stand.

5. Jordan Hill now earns a million dollars less than Dirk Nowitzki. In related news, Pau Gasol officially wants out of Lakerland.

6. Vince Carter’s taking his talents to Memphis. That most likely means Mike Miller’s taking his sharp-shooting skills to a Midwestern city to join a certain former teammate.

7. Harvey Specter dropped the greatest pop culture reference of the year (OK, it was well over 24 hours ago, but it needs to be shared).

8. The Cavs have four number one draft picks on their roster (Wiggins, Bennett, Kyrie and LBJ). That’s equal with the ’87 Lakers for the most of all-time (Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Mychal Thompson (Klay’s dad)). Greg Oden is rumoured to be a possible end-of-bench addition, which would see the record theirs alone. And don’t forget, the Cavs hold Miami’s first round pick (unprotected) next year.

9. The Lakers, who had a record amount of cap space days ago, now only have $8 million remaining…with J Lin as their best healthy player. How did this happen? On the bright side, a Swaggy P + J Lin backcourt = FUN!­­

10. It took Joel Embiid less than a month to become the NBA’s best follow on Twitter.

11. Adrian Wojnarowski doesn’t sleep.

12. Cleveland got Manziel, Wiggins and LeBron in consecutive months. Suddenly, God loves “The Factory Of Sadness.”

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