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11.22.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Priscilla Caripab Wants To Put In Work

Why I Hate Fantasy Football [Bleacher Report]

Craigslist Robberies: Chicago Police Arrest 3 [Chicago Breaking News]

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We All Know the Way To Sesame Street [Pop Matters]

20 Computerized Home Decorations [Trend Hunter]

Fashion’s Hot New Trend: Insensitivity [Clutch]

TIME Magazine’s Worst Inventions Of 2009 [The Life Files]

Like Mother, Like Daughter [The YBF]

Dre Finally Gets His Priorities In Order [TRU]

Holy Hypocrisy: Christian Label Suspends Rapper For Extramarital Affair [Black Voices]

Top 10 Games To Buy Under $40 [Ask Men]

TSS Shirts For $11 [TSS]

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