12.9 The Maildrop — What Happened To Wiz Khalifa, How To Win At Fantasy Basketball & Hermaphrodite Swag

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Quickly becoming one of our favorite posts to dedicate time towards – mainly because it involves both the writers and those who graciously stop by our neck of the e-woods – we present the third installment of The Maildrop. Please keep the questions coming. And remember, it doesn’t have to be just about music. We’re well versed around these parts. At least, we like to think we are.

1. The comments section is not what it used to be and you guys f*cked up making it so you have to register. No one wants to register for shit on the internet, people like to remain anonymous and not sign in with their FB or Twitter… it was simple before, it’s still pretty simple now but the c section has sucked since this new shit so it has to be the culprit — Anon Ymous

Before answering the question, let me get this straight. You don’t have three minutes to create a profile but you do have enough time to dick off and make a bogus email address so you could send in your crummy “Anon Ymous” question? Righttt.

Twitter just underwent a sweeping design change and people complained. Facebook gets a facelift every few months – the most recent one yesterday included adding Twitter-like buttons – much to the chagrin of users. Google changes the face of their products like whores change underwear. There are days I wake up to a new look of Gmail and have to check the url address to make sure I’m at the right place.

Change is inevitable. Online? Change happens constantly and often in an instant.

We made changes we felt would enhance the comments section. In fact, we want to have the biggest, baddest c-section because it’s one of the strongest things about our little corner of the ‘net. Hell, we’ve got commenters who have become as essential as the folks writing posts. Creating a profile and/or logging in via a social network isn’t too tough. We’re almost done staging and the tweaks plus updated features should be rolling out shortly. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep cranking out quality posts for everyone to bitch and moan about.

But at the end of the day, if you’re too lazy to create a profile or click a button to sign in via a social network, I’m too lazy to give a f*ck as well. — Gotty™

2. What do you guys know about hermaphrodites (a person born with both a p*ssy and a d*ck)?

Just answered your own question there, pal!

me and this girl have looked everywhere for one and we can’t find one we don’t want to sleep with them we just want to talk to one and see their genitals in a non-creepy way.

we cant find one anywhere ive found sites were people have been looking for one but those people are creepy so called “straight” guys looking to sleep with one i just wanna see them for myself in person — iSaidThat

I’d like to introduce you to a little thing called Google…Images. Or you can stalk Jamie Lee Curtis and ask her what that thang once looked like and, if there are any videos (preferably 3D) to further satisfy you and your friend’s totally non-creepy intrigue.

And get a new keyboard that includes punctuation marks! — Word

3. Name 5 rappers you hate. Thanks — Eddie

Well, “Fast Eddie,” I tried really hard to think of artists but I’m really not in the business of hating people. If I don’t like someone, they simply don’t exist in mind my mind. Therefore, the only ones who I loathe or have a level of contempt would probably be V-Nasty and Puffy. I’ve written on V-Nasty previously (twice actually) so there’s no need to waste energy in regards to her. The more she attempts to defend her whole usage of the n-word, the more I really hope she gets trampled by a herd of warthogs. Yeah, if she did, I wouldn’t even feel a sense of remorse like “Oh, you wished ill will on her.” Nope, not one bit.

Puffy? The guy I refer to as Beelzebub? Eventually, I am going to write that post I always refer to regarding Puff being the source of everything wrong in rap but I truly want to save the thoughts and words for a book or maybe for a dissertation when Everest College creates a doctoral program in Hip-Hop Studies. Ulimately, he’s a shade tree n*gga. He ain’t no pimp. He’s a rest haven for hoes. He’s a car thief! A car thief! © Pretty Tony. Sorry, I got caught up for a moment. Yeah, I just don’t like him. — Gotty™

4. How and why did Hip-Hop let Wiz Khalifa fall off so bad? What does he need to do with this next phase of his career? — Menace 2 Society

First off, shout out to Juicy J’s signing. Define “fell off” though. Last I checked, Rolling Papers was doing pretty damn good on the charts and the guy is constantly on tour with singles still on the radio. If that’s falling off, your perception of things is all out of whack. Wiz is getting money, living the good life with his boys, appears to be in a great relationship (although everyone has an opinion on it for some weird reason or another) and has a job that actually encourages him to smoke weed. What more do you need? And he’s got a movie with Snoop on the horizon. Has his music changed? Of course it has, but for as disappointing as R.P. was at points, keep in mind Cabin Fever dropped this year too. Just because he isn’t “yours” – and by that I mean this talented artist who the masses have yet to gravitate towards – doesn’t mean he fell off. I’m going to hate to see what’s said about K.R.I.T. or Kendrick as soon as they make that first song with a pinch of crossover appeal.

All that being said, however, Wiz has to give us Kush & OJ 2. Either that or a How Fly 2 with Spitta. Who knows what happened to the tape with Big Sean, but those two tapes need to happen at some point. If not for anything else, just my own selfish urges.
J. Tinsley

5. What’s up TSS? I know y’all do fantasy football but does anyone on the staff have any tips for first-time fantasy bball people to survive? I’m playing fantasy basketball for the first time because of an office pool but I want to win so I can talk shit. — Derrick G.

First off, avoid players who know their way around the kitchen. The Eddy Currys, Erick Dampiers and Brendan Haywoods of the league are all about double cheeseburgers and not double doubles. Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol and Kevin Love are key exceptions. Secondly, the NBA’s becoming a point guard’s league. A good, healthy floor general can hold you down for the long haul. So, basically, pick any starting point not named Derek Fisher and you’re covered. Finally, keep a close eye on breakout players. Dudes like Nick Young and Dorell Wright had pretty good campaigns last year. They can just as easily go back to being scrubs with the right mix of road trips and aspiring Basketball Wives. Keep those rules in mind and you’ll be straight. — S. Cadet

6. Ja Rule’s recent LP, Pain Is Love 2 (PIL2) was pushed back via 7 Aurelius yesterday to the 24th of January.

Granted, from a current industry standpoint, who’s looking to Ja Rule for relevant music? As a fan, I gotta be realistic. But here’s the thing: recently, his chemistry with 7 has been undeniable and there’s something about an underdog that is appealing in the rap game. He might not ship more than 30,000 units, but as writers and aficionados of Hip-Hop music, is it possible to give Ja Rule the fair shake of a review without his 50 Cent beef or his ongoing legal problems (tax evasion, weapons charges) and base it solely on his music alone? “Black Vodka” is a certified radio banger, “Real Life Fantasy” is using a sample that probably cost mPire millions and the snippet for “Pray 4 The Day” sounds epic. Ja isn’t going to go back to his heyday in the early 2000’s with his melodic sing/songy vocals and collabos, but he is showing signs of rejuvenation. In this climate in music, does he even stand a chance in this industry? — Nick

For full disclosure, I used to be a huge Ja Rule fan. His debut album was a banger and I actually like Rule 3:36. Like most fans, it all fell apart right around the time he started making songs with Ashanti and singing like Triumph The Comic Dog. I also liked his rap-only “Blood In My Eye.” However, I think Ja is suffering from the same issue that was discussed recently regarding The Source. He had such an embarrassing and public fall that being fan has become taboo. And the high school mentality that pervades Hip-Hop won’t allow many people to stick their necks out and try to make Ja Rule happen.

With that said, the last Ja Rule song I heard was last year’s “Pimp” and it contained every bad thing you could imagine happening in hip-hop, lighting and lip-gloss usage. Ja Rule would need a really smart, concerted marketing push to regain any semblance of respect and comeback. And, if “Pimp” is any indicator, he doesn’t seem ready to do what’s necessary to make that push happen. Instead, he’s been pushing that same tired sh*t that made the world shun him in the first place. I think Ja can make passable music, but he has a long way to go before people take him seriously. It all depends on how he tackles things when he comes back from jail. — David D.

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