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Kimmie Nicole

The Kids Are All Right: 14 Internet Child Stars To Watch In 2011 [Uproxx]

7 Rules For Effective Social Networking For Artists [Hypebot]

Redman Says Lack Of Sampling Hurt Hip Hop, Praises Cypress Hill [HHDX]

Are The Clippers A Bigger Draw Than The Lakers This Year? [Hoop Doctors]

Big Boi Named Crown Royal Spokesman [Rap Radar]

The Five Sexiest Moments in Advertising This Week [TSJ]

What Does the NBC-Comcast Merger Do to Black Media Ownership? [Black Voices]

adidas “2011 NBA All-Star” Collection [Nice Kicks]

Ray J & Jeremih Fight [TUD]

Ten Scariest Movie Drug Dealers [Gunaxin]

4channer Gets Prison Time for Sending Penis Pics to School [Valleywag]

Katy Perry, Ke$ha, And The Great Gay-Pander-Off of 2010 [Village Voice]

‘Glee’ On The Wii [Pop Matters]

Man Goes Nuts, Stabs And Kills People After Being Picked at for Farting [GOT]

Cake Scores Lowest-Selling No. 1 Album in SoundScan History [Billboard]

Stop Giving Uncle Sam Extra Money: 3 Tax Tips [Fool]

Blowing Smoke: A History of Tobacco & U.S. Politicians [GQ]

Kool G Rap Speaks on Nas [Lattisaw Tapes]

Air Jordan Cement III Foot Action Midnight Release Events [KATC]

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