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Everyone has seen the infamous “YOU MAD CUZ I’M STYLIN ON YOU ” battle turned brawl. I sat down with EnJ and talked about everything that went down with him and Niks that day. Find about what made him throw the punch, how he robbed Niks at a later date, and what EnJ has upcoming for the first quarter.


Words By Jabari “Sneek” Johnson

Sneek: Introduce to the world who EnJ is?

EnJ: I’m a nigg* from Long Island. 516. I’m just me, I’m just a real dude. You ask anybody about EnJ they will prolly tell you ‘I ain’t even know son rap. Son keep it real; son keep it funky.’ I had a little problem in the streets, did time and came home and now I’m using this rap thing to switch the game up. I got my seed on the way so I can’t really afford nigg*s taking my life away with the pistol.

Sneek: Many people have seen you battle rapper Niks on YouTube and the recently released Real Talk DVD. The question everybody wants to know is what made you hit him?

EnJ: It’s on the DVD. Son had animosity from the jump. He was battling my little man Stutta. He’s [Niks] not even on my level, and he put my name in his rhyme talking bout “Oh this nigg* talk about he Easy Jesus [EnJ], I’m more of a Hennessey man.” So I said if we not battling keep my name out ya mouth feel me? Its uncalled for to put my name in your bars if you not battling me. The punchline would have been okay if he was battling me. Everything I’m saying in this interview is all caught on tape on the DVD. So I said if son wanna put my name in his mouth, we gon’ battle. So I set it off and his first bar he came at me like “plus you know the gun on my hip” cause he had a little 9 on waist and he was grabbin’ on his gun.

I’m peepin’ it like wow. So I come at him like “You’ll get smacked with that shit there” and I point at his waist to let him know, yea I know you got it and you’ll get smacked wit it. When he said “Plus I got the cal on me” I felt like that was one too many indirect gestures about his little gun. You know how people rhyme like “I stay with the gun”, but when he was rapping and he was grabbing the gun so that’s when I punched son in the mouth. After that he was talking about “I’m not gonna shoot you” and “I’ll see you in your hood”. And I was like yea aight son. So after that I talked to son on the phone and was like we can meet up and we can do what we gotta do. Bring your goons or we can do it dolo however you want to do it. He said “Nah lets leave this shit alone.” So I was like that’s what it is.

Next thing you know son telling people he seen me at White Castle, running. So I said aight he got a show at Speed. I seen him at Speed with his girl and his man. His man had his girl with him too. Me and my son took they jewels and went back to Long Island.

Sneek: So you robbed him at Speed?

EnJ: Yes. Actual fact, him and his man Focus. We got his chain and watch.

Sneek: That’s crazy, so who was winning before the clip on YouTube?

EnJ: From when yall saw the clip, that was the 3rd round. I was already winning at that point. And the whole place was mostly his people. I was in his hood. Don’t get me wrong, son wasn’t totally totally trash, but son wasn’t on my level. His team, Realms of Reality, had already sent their top gun at me and I shot him down so he was not classified on my level from the beginning. Their whole team is dysfunctional now. After that shit happened with me they whole shit went down the drain.

Sneek: Are you a battle rapper?

EnJ: I’m not really a battle rapper. My homegirl Lady P hit me up and I had came out there as a favor for her.

Sneek: What happened after the cameras went off?

EnJ: You gotta get the DVD. One of the camera men was his man and he was so scared he had the camera still on but it was down. You see feet scattering and you see the police come on the DVD. Son pulled out the gun but he aint let off no shots.

Sneek: So let me get this right, it wasn’t the cal it was the 9 on him?

EnJ: Yea he had a 9, he aint even have no cal.

Sneek: I heard Niks was locked up now?

EnJ: Son not locked up, he in the streets, he been in the streets since Real Talk came out like 3 months ago.

Sneek: Any regrets about the situation?

EnJ: No regrets. Everybody who knows EnJ knows that’s just me from my nigg*s from the mountains, Comstock, Washington, Greenhaven. Everybody knows you won’t violate EnJ. Anybody that had happened to be biddin’ wit me will tell you I get it in.

Sneek: So is it like an overnight fame you’re experiencing now, since this battle has gotten so much publicity?

EnJ: People ask ‘Was that you on Real Talk?’ People are just now realizing it was me when they go to my myspace page and put two and two together. On the Real Talk DVD, there was no EnJ shoutout, no EnJ versus Niks, none of that, nigg*s just seen the punch. Everyday I tell people that wasn’t a promotional stunt that was just everyday life. My mans came to me like Cam want to see the DVD and Trey Songz wanted to holla at me so its good. No deals or no majors yet. I’m on my own grind I got the DVD out with my own paper.

Sneek: So what does EnJ have coming up?

EnJ: I got the Fresh Out The Pyrex mixtape coming soon hosted by Superstar Jay. My album is already done and I’m sitting on it and shopping it.

Sneek: If you had one word to describe your music what would it be?

EnJ: Real. You can go to my myspace page and listen.

Sneek: You have the floor to say whatever now my dude.

EnJ: Look out for the DVD out now and the Real Talk DVD with my interview dropping this month. Also my mixtape Fresh Out The Pyrex hosted by Superstar Jay coming soon. Shoutout my goons Reek Deville running with Flipmode, Truck running with Flipmode, Stroka G doin his thing, LA, my producer A-1, and my Hall of Fame nigg*s. Thank you RockandRollisDead.net for letting me have this outlet, if anyone wants to holla at me for booking and features call 516-403-0337.

For more info on EnJ visit his myspace page @ http://www.myspace.com/enjdaliking.

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