TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Paula DeAnda

03.26.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

Words by Jabari “Sneek” Johnson & Ian M.

Pop stardom is generally a manufacturing business. Stylists, managers, promoters, execs, and others create ‘image’ and in the process a singer – who is a person we must not forget – becomes something new…the ‘artist.’ We find the most successful singers are ones who can find a genuine way to connect to the public in light of this process. Christina genuinely has pipes and people know it. Britney clearly confronted dissonance between her image and reality and may now be paying the price. What is real about Paula DeAnda is that she is genuinely a nice person and loves what she is doing right now.

Paula is young. How young? When asked who she looked up to as a singer she answers Christina Aguilera. The 17-year-old Corpus Christi native will struggle to overcome generalizations linking her to another Mexican-American singer from CC…Selena. But her humble demeanor and natural charm are refreshing pop gold. An example of her infectious cuteness: whereas most people in the bizness travel with odd demands for stocking their green rooms and tour buses – reflecting the decadent side of fame – DeAnda responds that the three things she can’t be without on tour are “tea, strawberries, and lots of water.” Better is when she coyly admits her non-music dream is to open a restaurant like her dad or a clothing line for casual, sporty clothes. She doesn’t like high heels – or high fashion for that matter.

But apart from connecting with TRL listeners with similar lifestyle preferences – girl can actually sing. And when I mentioned that ‘team’ before – I didn’t mention it included Lil Wayne, Timbo, and Ne-Yo – all who appear on the album. Mad cute, Lolita allure – but with lines like “Does she play ps2 till 6am like I do?” Paula DeAnda may be prove irresistible to the fellas.

Paula is mad busy nowadays. “I’m not on tour, but I am doing promotion for the album which is like touring,” she says of her hectic life as a nascent pop star. She is constantly surrounded by people. You get the sense that Paula DeAnda is an operation. There is a team and a strategy for winning – and Paula is all in. “I don’t think I have missed out on much,” she says her unconventional childhood, “but if I have, it is all a conscious sacrifice for the music I love.”

And the best part is that she is dead serious.

For more on Paula DeAnda, visit www.myspace.com/pauladeanda and www.pauladeanda.com.

Listen to…

“When It Was Me” (Audio Stream)

“Walk Away” Feat. The Dey (Audio Stream)

“Walk Away” (Video Stream)

You can also peep Youtube for Paula’s Video Diaries.

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