15 Minutes With Rich Boy

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It must be nice to be Rich Boy right now. “Throw Some D’s” has made it’s way all the way up from his hometown of Mobile, Alabama to radio and video play, throughout the rest of the South and the Midwest. After producing and rapping his way up the food chain, a meeting with Polow Da Don, of Jim Crow fame, the young fella’s stock rose higher than anyone could’ve predicted.

Now signed to Interscope Records, working to complete his album featuring production by Mannie Fresh, Timbaland and Kanye West and his new single “D-Boyz” starting to gain a buzz, it must be good to be Rich Boy.

Words By Preach

TSS: Hey, what’s goin’ on man?

Rich Boy: What’s up man?

TSS: To start off with, can you tell me how much love you’ve been getting’ off these singles?

RB: It’s workin’ out real good, I’m getting’ like crazy love off this single “Throw Some D’s“, man. I don’t know if I can get any more than I’m already gettin’.

TSS: What kind of equipment did you have when you first started making beats?

RB: When I first started out I just had this keyboard…it was an Equinox.

TSS: Aight, bet. You’re from Mobile, Alabama and I’m a New York cat. Give me an idea of how the rap scene is down there.

RB: It’s jumpin’ off, we got a whole bunch of different styles down here, you know everybody don’t rap the same…

TSS: True.

RB: So you could go to different neighborhood and hear some different slang…it’s new but we got a lot going on right now. We got local artists like Senile, Mr. Big and this guy like Illa da Great. It’s jumpin’ man.

TSS: How hard was it getting your music on the radio at first?

RB: We had to give ‘em at least two singles ‘fore they really paid any attention. We gave ‘em “D-Boyz” with Mannie Fresh, that was my first single. We gave ‘em another single, “When They Get to Poppin‘”, Pitbull did a remix of that and put it on his album. And then we gave‘em “Throw Some D’s”. We just been out here grindin’ man, continuing to meet DJ’s for like two years, just connectin’ with people, getting’ my name out there. It was hard work though man, hard work.

TSS: No doubt, no doubt. You got a slew of dope producers like on your album like Timbaland and Mannie Fresh. How was it working with them?

RB: It was good man, I had the most fun especially with like Mannie Fresh and my boy Polow Da Don. It was just somethin’ different, just an experience to have man. It was just weird bein’ in the studio with people you’ve seen on TV but now I’m just so used to it, it’s time to make hits.

TSS: What’s your favorite track on Product of The Hustle?

RB: On my album, I’d probably pick “When They Got to Poppin'”, produced by Brian Kidd.

TSS: Tell me how it feels bein’ in the club and your track comes on and everybody’s goin’ crazy.

RB: I can’t even really explain it, its just a good feelin’ you get when the people go crazy over your music.
TSS: So what’s next after this album?

RB: You know I got a song comin’ out on the Rocky Balboa movie soundtrack, I got the remix to “Throw Some D’s” comin’ with me, Jim Jones, Andre 3000 and the Game. It’s already done, so I’m just waitin’ on the right time to put it out.

TSS: Aight man, keep it tight. Thank you.

RB: Fa sho’, I appreciate ya man.

Check on Rich Boy on MTV’s “You Hear It First”

For more info on Rich Boy, visit www.myspace.com/richboy or http://www.richboyonline.com/

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