Will This Be Drake’s Last Cash Money Album And Other Questions About ‘If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late’

02.13.15 3 years ago 41 Comments
Drake Performs At The O2 Arena

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1. Is If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late really Drake’s last album so he can get out of his Cash Money contract, as Twitter keeps rumoring the release is supposed to do?*

2. Is J. Prince suddenly involved in this some way?

3. While it’s good to have a whole collection of songs from Drake versus the usual 2-4 song SoundCloud drops in the middle of the night, are these songs b-sides or are they supposed to be standard Drizzy material?

4. Can we get a motherfucking round of applause for Drake and Partynextdoor working in a sample of Ginuwine on “Legend”?

5. Are Chic-Fil-a’s “Eat More Chicken” ads the inspiration behind the cover?

6. How clever was dropping IYRTITL six years to the date after So Far Gone?

7. Did Drake actually clear the Donkey Kong Country sample for “6 God”?

8. If there’s a clean version of the album already floating around the ‘net, how much of a surprise was this surprise album?

9. Is Birdman completely oblivious to the idea that Drake may be leaving? In fact…

10. Is the album title actually a “Dear John” note for Birdman, Cash Money and/or Wayne? Or…

11. Is Wayne in on this somehow?

12. Does Drake have 2 Far Gone or Views From The 6 ready if it’s decided that IFTY isn’t the fourth and final album of his contract with CM?

13. Is there any Kendrick reference wedged in “6 PM In New York”?

14. Will using Kylie Jenner as a jab to Tyga reignite the Cold War between Drake and Kanye West?

15. Is If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late the most Drake title since the Would You Like A Tour tour?

* — To answer our own question, probably not.

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