3.11 The Cooler

03.11.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

Bria Myles

15 Sexiest Topless TV Scenes: HBO Edition [Screen Junkies]

Restaurant Patron’s Gaydar Goes Berserk [Creative Loafing]

Odd Future Covers Billboard Magazine [Miss Info]

Al Pacino Owes Nearly $200,000 to the IRS [GOT]

Today’s Obituaries: Gary McGhee (1988-2011) [Ed The Sports Fan]

50 Examples Of Very Interesting, Unusual Athlete Fan Art [With Leather]

AOL Cuts 900 Jobs After Huffington Post Deal [NPR]

Regis Gets Frustrated, Abandons Twitter [TVSquad]

Facts about South Park You Probably Didn’t Know [EgoTV]

5 Shady Jobs Made Easier Through Social Media [TSJ]

Jennifer Hudson’s Prep For Winnie Role Includes Solitary Confinement [TWV]

iPad 2 Reviews: Still the Best [Daily Beast]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Top Selling Game In History [G4TV]

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