2 Chainz Feat. Kreayshawn – “Murder” Video

05.16.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Both 2 Chainz and Kreayshawn have been known to namedrop their fare share of lavish designers, yet “Murder” finds the two in a decrepit old house. In fact, the set of Alex Nazari’s video is one that any horror movie director would envy, and draws attention away from the lyrical content of the song (or lack thereof). Dramatic lighting punctuates 2 Chainz lurking past the black walls, that lone lightbulb hanging in the basement, and the vast array of armaments. We all thought for about 15 seconds that 2 Chainz was going to off Kreay, but instead, the two toast to each other’s success, presumably, and share one bloody meal together.

Ironically, the only element missing in “Murder” is the actual murder. With the G.O.O.D. Music rumors and Kanye’s affinity for pissing off PETA, the video begs the question of, has 2 Chainz really made it yet if PETA isn’t pounding on his door over the animals, alive and dead, in this video?

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