On 2 Chainz, SOBs & Bogus Crowds At Hip-Hop Shows

01.31.12 6 years ago 102 Comments

What the hell is up with rap crowds, these days?

After watching last night’s footage of 2 Chainz rocking SOBs, which is New York’s make-or-break venue for rappers on the verge, that’s the question I found myself asking. Because, between all the hype surrounding this scarf-rocking ATLien over the past year and the weeks-worth of hoopla over at YN’s place, I expected to see the roof blowing off the joint. But instead, it was almost the complete opposite.

While the place was indeed wall to wall, the majority of the folks there seem confused as to whom they’re looking at. Even during Duo’s performance of “Spend It,” which my girlfriend knows most the words to, half of the sold-out crowd just seems to be staring blankly, while the other half has their camera phone soldered onto their hand just in case the stage collapses. Which brings me to my initial question.

OK it’s not Brad and Angie on stage. Wish these photogs would move so we can see 2 Chainz performing.- Sharon Carpenter

Why are rap fans so weak? Have we become too cool to enjoy ourselves? Or, are we just so caught up trying to be independent journalists, with inaudible camera phone videos we’ll never watch, that even pretending to have fun has become a task? I know 2 Chainz is a polarizing figure and all, but after paying for a ticket and waiting in the long-ass line, the least those SOBs could’ve done was put their hand up and cheered on the man’s first NYC performance. Right?

Or, am I wrong for feeling like half those people were there because it was the happening place to be that night in NYC? I know I wasn’t there and am basing my opinion on a YouTube video, but c’mon. In that specific venue, when the main event does his finisher and only a quarter of the crowd cares, that’s the only logical train of thought.

Either way, I’m personally vowing two things after watching this. The first being that I will only go to concerts if I at least know the lyrics to the popular songs (which typically is not even enough to warrant the ticket purchase). And, the second being that I’m going to enjoy the show in the heat of the moment, like it’s supposed to be seen, and reserve my phone for strictly making phone calls.

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s my money and I like to spend it frugally.

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