2 Chainz, Stephen A. Smith Talk Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers

10.30.13 4 years ago 9 Comments


This clip of Stephen A. Smith and 2 Chainz talking all things Lakers and Clippers is prophetic.

“Prophetic” is a reach, but Dos Necklaces disregards L.A.’s second basketball team to the point where he damn near makes the Clips appear like afterthoughts. Inspired by the words, those same underdog Lakers “upset” those same Clippers during last night’s opening festivities behind one hell of an effort by their bench (76 points!) 116-103.

Have your moment, Laker Nation. Have you f’n moment because regardless of what anyone can say – as of October 30, 2013 – 82-0 is still within the realm of possibility.

Trolling exercises aside, consider it a confidence building victory for the Lakers and a disappointing start to an expectations-filled season for the Clippers. Nothing more (yet), nothing less (yet).

More importantly, here’s to hoping the Clippers produce more of an effort Thursday night when Doc, Chris, Blake and the gang take on Steph Curry and Golden State.

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