Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t: The 20 Most Popular Songs Of 2013

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Intro By JG

The hits don’t lie, baby.

We can argue all day about the quality of these songs or if they’ll matter five years from now. But for this year, you, the people, came for these 20 songs in crazy numbers. Droves even in some cases.

A few of the reigning champs for rap (I see you Eminem) still draw people in while beef (hi, Cass and Meek Mill) always brings a crowd. But at the end of the day, most of these songs are ones we can all agree were prime cuts for the year 2013.

And looking back, I have to give credit to our team. Their pens and keyboards are like loaded weapons and they fired heat every single day for twelve months strong. It’s RMF all day.

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20. Major Lazer Ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic – “Bubble Butt”

“The track’s all sexual bravado, beating the simple “bubble butt” hook into listeners’ brains…” — Originally published April 14

19. Meek Mill – “Ooh Kill ‘Em (Kendrick Lamar Response)”

“Opening up with Terio’s famous “Ooh,” Meek talks his regular sh*t mixed in with some shots to Kendrick over Dr. Dre’s “Forget About Dre,” which morphs into a high-octane beat suitable for Meek’s yelling.” — Originally published September 6

18. Chief Keef – “No Reason”

“The Zaytoven-produced track gives us even more of that mush-mouth flow the Chicago wastrel is famously known for.” — Originally published June 14

17. Drake – Trophies

“It’s the kind of music I would like to hear when I’m entering The Colosseum , ready to slay six lions and a dragon before emerging victorious.” — Originally published as a snippet on October 29. Full version released on December 29

hold on were going home artwork

16. Drake – “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

“A play for pop and radio or just Drizzy utilizing those vocal lessons he’s taken? On first listen, it feels like Drake tapped into ’80s-driven, easy listening radio demographic. “Home…” is light, breezy and…well, the man said Nothing Was The Same. ” — Originally published August 6

15. Drake – Wu-Tang Forever

“While some nods to the Clan are sprinkled throughout the track (peep the opening line of the second verse), the song falls more into Drake and 40’s atmospheric love song wheelhouse. 40’s production is sparse with sullen keys and percussion that crinkles under Drake’s crooning more than they snap into the listener’s ear. The rapped second verse is meant to appeal more to the fans of the aforementioned aggression, and is chock full of the confidence and derisive pity of his “frustrated” enemies that has been the hallmark so many of his post megastardom verses.” — Originally published September 6

14. Eminem Ft. Kendrick Lamar -“Love Game”

“The Rabbit we all once knew and loved is no more…The struggle begins as soon as the out of place production begins on “Love Game” and continues through Em’s verse and the putrid chorus. K.Dot does his best to resurrect the song – even calling up Sherane – to make it listenable, but that’s just it. He can’t.” — Originally published October 30

13. J. Cole Ft. Nas – “Let Nas Down (Remix)”

“In case you forgot, Nas is still one of the dopest MCs around and he flexes his muscle here to remind you.” — Originally published June 22

12. Lil Wayne Ft. Meek Mill – “I’m Good (Terrorists)”

“The song itself isn’t anything to cause a commotion about, yet it probably would’ve fit in with the flow of the album had it made the cut off the energy alone. Wayne’s still gung-ho with the sex lyrics and Meek’s yelling, but somehow it all comes together at the end with moments of wittiness and aspects from both which have drawn fans in over the years.” — Originally published on April 12

11. Jay Z – “Tom Ford”

“Jay-Z and Samsung’s #newrules for Magna Carta still fell under the #oldrules of the ‘net which dictate that a million people clogging any site or platform at once is bound to cause headaches.” — Originally published July 4

10. Eminem – “Rap God”

“On ‘Rap God,’ Em discards his hitmaking formula, and just pulls out every trick in the book. He switches flows and subject matter at the blink of an eye, going from deliberate to aggressive, wacky to serious, culminating in a homage to JJ Fad’s ‘Supersonic’ that sounds like it was performed by an auctioneer on methamphetamine.” — Originally published October 14

9. Joell Ortiz – “Outta Control” Freestyle

“Joell Ortiz fires off his rebuttal in what’s sure to be the first of 1,000,000 responses that will soon come regarding Kendrick’s “Control” verse. Joell didn’t body Kendrick, but he clearly didn’t bow down to the boy who would be king. He also managed to kick a chairs over on his way out by alluding to bigger stars from NY who we all know won’t buck back.” — Originally published August 13


8. Drake Ft. J. Cole – “Jodeci” x PartyNextDoor Ft. Drake – “Over Here” x Migos Ft. Drake – “Versace (Remix)” x Drake Ft. Sampha – “The Motion”

“True to form, Drake followed up a series of cryptic tweets on Friday night by releasing not one, not two, not three, but four new songs in the wee hours of the morning (but just early enough to negate any “5 A.M. in Toronto” puns).” — Originally published June 22

7. Cassidy – “Raid” (Meek Mill Diss)


“Enter only if you have time to kill, ten minutes to be specific. That’s how long Cassidy goes on in his response to Meek Mill, ‘R.A.I.D.'” — Originally published January 6

6. Joe Budden – “Lost Control” (Kendrick Lamar Repsonse)

“Joey didn’t just send shots to Kenrick. Trinidad Jame$, A$AP Rocky, Jay Electronica and Meek Mill also caught some of that ether Joe was spitting.” — Originally published August 17

5. Eminem – “Berzerk”

“Riding along with the throwback feel, Slim Shady’s bleached his hair once again and dug up his classic image, perhaps in an attempt to recapture that old magic that’s been absent these last two albums. And just as he’s done so many times before, Em’s made his lead single controversially catchy, sure to make great water-cooler fodder over the next few days.” — Originally published August 26

4. Young Jeezy Ft. Y.G., Kendrick Lamar & Chris Brown – “R.I.P” (Remix)

“With Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” doing exactly what the hook suggests to nightclubs everywhere, it only makes sense the remix arrives just in time for the holiday weekend…it’s Breezy’s verse drawing the most attention because of the aforementioned line likely directed towards his current girlfriend’s old fling.” — Originally published March 29

3. Drake Ft. Jay Z – “Pound Cake/Paris Morton 2”

“Big boastful talk from both artists” — Originally published September 15

2. Big Sean Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – “Control (HOF)”

“‘WHO ALLOWED BIG SEAN TO RAP ON THIS KENDRICK LAMAR SONG FEATURING A VERSE FROM JAY ELECTRONICA?’…Sean Don’s saliva takes up three minutes of this wax…while K. Dot claims (probably correctly) that he’s the “King of New York” and Jay Electronica reminds listeners that–hey guys! Over here!–he’s on Roc Nation.” — Originally published August 12

1. Kendrick Lamar Ft. Jay Z – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Remix)

“…The leader of the new school…threw a bone to the poor guy to give his floundering career a shot in the arm…Their divergent styles fit like hand in glove or, in this case, one hand washing the other.”– Originally published March 18

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