20 Great Rap Songs That Deserve Music Videos

11.16.15 2 years ago 15 Comments

Music videos have always been an essential piece of hip-hop. When done properly, videos give MCs the opportunity to put their vivid rhymes on display for listeners, adding a second dimension to the audio, bringing the words to life – via gritty reality or over-the-top fiction. For many rappers, high-end visuals are the main way they build and justify their larger-than-life images, especially in 2015. Yet, despite the benefits of having great visuals, many songs don’t get the video treatment, for one reason or another.

To remind rappers and, more realistically, A&Rs that they’re not always right when choosing singles and videos, we’ve highlighted 20 of the many worthwhile rap tracks that we feel deserve a proper video treatment. Hell, if Jeezy can do a brand new video for “Mr. 17.5” almost 10 years after releasing the album the song originally appeared on, these artists can make good on our wishes, too.

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