20 Signs That Rap Blogs Are Your Reality

06.24.09 8 years ago 46 Comments

Words By S. Cadet

It’s no secret that we all love music but there’s such a thing as having too much of one thing. I’m not one to talk because my internet browsing sphere is extremely limited outside of rap blogs/sites. I mean I live on the edge sometimes. I check my mail, read the news, catch up on sports and get my geek on with Engadget and Joystiq. Still rap takes a huge chunk out of my site rotation and it’s pretty sad.

So ladies and gentlemen, here’s a list of symptoms that plague regular rap blog readers. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order and if many apply you need to log the hell off and get a new hobby or something. Here we go.

1. Your punch lines are copyrighted from public figures/celebrities.

2. Jojo @ 1:50 is seared into your brain.

3. You know that “TIs” can’t be confused your favorite incarcerated rapper.

4. You hate on Bol Crawford but you read his work every day.

5. Eli Porter and T Baby are in your top ten DOA based off of comedy alone…

6. …and “Cupcakin’” is still an old favorite.

7. Your hate for Soulja Boy knows no bounds but OJ Tha Juiceman gets a fun pass.

8. You anticipate your favorite artist’s mixtapes more than his/her albums.

9. XXL’s freshman list still makes you mad…

10. …And let’s not get started on Vibe’s top rap blogs.

11. You get into a Hulk-like rage when someone likes a rapper for their “swagger” and “impact.”

12. Videos of rappers performing at The Tunnel make you long for “the good ‘ol days”…but you were too young or corny to get in the club at the time.

13. You become angry when your actual friends aren’t aware of the next internet sensation, yet you have no idea what’s on the radio.

14. The search for Cam’ron was more important to you than the search for the next Top Model, American Idol and Elizabeth Smart put together.

15. The hype behind KiD CuDi and Drake flies over your head.

16. When typing you replace “pause” with [!!] and (No!!).

17. You’re glad that your hate for Charles Hamilton was justified in the past month.

18. You think The Real is funnier than most TV shows.

19. You visit World Star Hip-Hop on purpose.

20. The Cooler is one of the highlights of your day.

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