20 Years Of Nike Basketball Designs: The Air Flight Huarache

07.24.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Only two days in and Nike Basketball’s “Designs That Changed The Game” project is getting off on the right foot. Staying in the year 1992, the second entry features the Air Flight Huarache, one of those shoes that left a true footprint on the game, on and off the court.

We’ve already talked up personal stories on this model when the updated version dropped in recent months. But on a larger scale, the Flight Huarache will historically be linked to five freshmen players from Michigan who embraced the model, one that was initially received with frumped up faces and doubt by pro players and other companies. The idea was so new, that of a “basketball sandal” with then unfathomable idea of an exposed ankle. Once the Fab Five embraced the Flight Huarache and made history, the shoes’ legacy was etched in stone as part of our cultural heritage. And it all happened from the feet of babes.

We won’t overbear anybody with all of the photos and sketches because there’s close to 40. But since there are 40, that should be more than enough incentive to click through to Nike and see what’s to offer.

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