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Superman’s Girlfriend Was Once Black…

By 01.04.09

We’ve come a long way. When we see something demeaning from BET, McDonald’s or, well, BET, there is a forum to call attention to it and try to initiate some sort of change. But imagine being bombarded with stuff like this old Lois Lane comic every day. It’s just amazing to think about a time when such racism permeated every aspect of people’s lives.

With that being said, this is pretty fucking ridiculous. As you can tell from the cover, Lois Lane wanted to embark on a one-day experiment to see what life would be if she were Black. So she apparently hopped in a race-changing contraption of some sort and came out with an all-important afro and thicker thighs. I wonder if Supes tried to laser vision the invention when she came out so the process couldn’t be reversed because once you go Black…

Here’s my gift to you: an easy alley-hoop for you fools to go crazy on the comments. Knock yourselves out.


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