“Frank’s Is Fresh!”

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On an average day, the free stuff that comes in my mailbox is junk mail and/or CD's.

TAG Records

“Money Ain’t A Thang”

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Hip-Hop's mini-mogul/magic leprauchun has been progressively developing a new skill.

Sun Times Media Group Inc.

The Daily Print War Of Attrition Report: KING & Chicago Sun-Times

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Yesterday, when <a href="">Blender fell off the cliff</a>, both <a href="">KING magazine</a> & the <a href=",sun-times-media-group-bankruptcy-033109.article">Chicago Sun-Times</a> must have been attached to the rope in a cartoonish fashion as both waved symbolic white flags today.


“The References…”

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Even for the biggest Seinfeld fan, this could prove to be challenging, much more than the <a href="">"Coming To America" Quiz</a>.


“Broken Chains…”

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You can check the link for the full story behind this one, but essentially it's the masters, unreleased vocals & instrumentals that lead to a sometimes forgotten Hip-Hop opus.


“Lo Down & Dirty…”

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"It's a tad too 90's for me.

UGK 4 Life

“Bun B and Me”

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I made my first visit to TSS because a friend of mine told me the site had the then brand-new song, “Get Throwed.


“I Gotcha”

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"Micheal Luther King to the sellers of the rock.


Sweet, Organic, Maple Bacon Pops!!!

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Cleaning out our spam filter can be a full-time job in itself (word to you select few who've been coerced by Lulu to visit C E L E B M I N G L E to finally meet your soulmate).

Three/21 Media

Joell Ortiz – “125 Part 2″ Video (Unreleased)

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Really, Joell could have given me the "125 Grams" series as an EP and that would've been enough for me to crown him.


3.31 The Cooler

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Jana Defi, Your Titillating Tuesday Whining On Twitter = $25,000 Fine For Mark Cuban [YB] Turn Off The Shuffle: 25 Great Albums That Work Best When Listened To From Start To Finish [A.V. Club] Obamas To Use Own Cash To Redecorate White House [...].


“How It Came To Be…”

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Young Asher Was Always Drawn To Bread Ever wonder what the song was that got Asher Roth handpicked personally by an A&R to catapult to the top.


Twista – “Wetter” Video

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<a href="">K1ng</a> and <a href="">Beware</a> already have sung the highest adulation for this song and now they're rewarded with a visual for their efforts.

The Hundreds

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered…” – The Hundreds Summer 2009 Preview

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I started looking @ <a href="">their Summer 2009 preview</a> and realized one thing: The Hundreds' Sharpie marker = Rickey Retardo in terms of innovation & execution.


Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted By Wu-Tang Clan

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Continuing with <a href="">the ongoing</a> <a href="">Wu-spirited posts</a> around these parts, found in the inbox from <a href="">DJ Fricktion</a>.

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