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By 04.30.09

It’s something every Gang Starr fan must experience to realize it’s OVER…

No longer satisfied with working alongside one of Hip-Hop’s greatest soundmen, Guru 8.0 (as he’s constantly evolving and upgrading) collaborates exclusively with “Super-Producer” Solar and their latest creation has arrived in the form of…what else?


Download — Guru – “Fastlane” (Produced By “Super-Producer” Solar)

As advocates of the Hip-Hop culture, The Crew jotted down our intial reactions of this malarkey to see if they mirror yours after you hear for the first (and hopefully) last time.

K1ng: I thought I was trippin’. Guru? Really? Couldn’t be. He was quoted saying:

“Solar and I have produced three classic albums (Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures, Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 and The Timebomb / Back To The Future). It was necessary for us to follow-up with another classic to keep real hip-hop alive.”

Delusional does not even begin to describe it. It’s like they get on the internet and want to know why they have to shoot Bin Laden to win a free iPod if they wanna check their e-mail…It’s just sad.

Jason Hortillas: This further emphasizes that Solar is the Sammy Hagar of Hip-Hop. In all seriousness, who tracked this though? Cause this sounds like all the shit demos I used to get when I did Open Mics. It’s truly the music equivalent to 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

David D: Ugh…that’s like herpes wrapped in a shit sammich. This is Primo’s face listening to Guru’s new track.

MZ: At least Mary Mary has the great gospel as their defense. What’s your excuse Guru? Solar’s beats make you feel like you’ve just looked directly into a solar eclipse and your voice makes watching paint dry an event.

Devin Chanda: I can’t stop laughing! This shit is too much! I spit out my iced-tea. Do y’all see that cover??? Stop rapping…buy a gas station or something. It’s OVER!

And the people of Twitter weren’t too kind either:

Tanya Morgan’s DonWill: Yo. Worst. Guru. Song. Ever…wow… can we let this be the nail in the Auto-Tune coffin? pls?

Rapper Big Pooh: Damn Guru….say it ain’t so… I’m late…Guru using Auto-Tune for his new joint, “Fastlane”…Auto-Tuning for they whole joint….wowsers…

Outasight: That was the worst shit i have ever heard in my life. When I used to record in Bedstuy
I used to hear the worst gangster BS ever but this has it beat — EASILY.

Biggga: Guru needs Jesus and T-Pain’s phone number. SMH @ the audio swine flu Guru is trying to pass off as music. Guru must have kissed Roxy Reynolds on the mouth. LOL no Murs. It sounds like a cry for help, LOL. He was thinking Primo, I don’t need no Stinking Primo. Boy was he wrong.

Guru 8.0: Lost & Found, the 8th classic, real “Hip-Hop”, 5 Cig installment of the Guru catalog releases May 19th, 2009. Get there two days early to avoid the lines.

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