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The Week That Was: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Posts

By 04.04.09

LC doesn’t care for the New Boyz or her old boy but she encouraged us all to root for that boy, Mayer Hawthorne.

MZ & Jordan Brand made plans to make amends.

Print died a couple of times over. Seinfeld trivia made an appearance. Andre 3K was caught speeding. MTV announced they’d be showing videos again, including the new Marshall one.

TC introduced you to Skipscreen…and Bacon Pops. He also pulled your coats to Kid Daytona, U-N-I (Krish cosigned it), Donnis and the Goonettes. All the while warning you about that new Bow Wow.

Ms. Krish reviewed Saigon & Statik’s new album, while Patrick M. took a look @ Flo-Rida’s R.O.O.T.S. Jesse big-upped Mos Def on Maher and Contra™ gave us an Obama-inspired laugh.

My contributions? It was pretty much all about that Young Jeezy @ first. Then it shifted to that new Dro, perfecting my new Boosie dance and, from Thursday night on, Diz x Pac Div. I think subconsciously I was on some 36 Chambers shit.

Grab the Trackstar tape & holler @ us later. We’ll be around.

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