TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With U-N-I & Ro Blvd

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Thurzday: Yeah, but Ro hit me up and I’m at my desk and I was like “I can’t even talk right now…but fuck it, play the beat!” So I was like this tight with the whole New Edition sample. We wanted to make it a good vibe; party song. So the hook basically says you don’t have to have this Hollywood profile to be accepted. Tomás Whitmore came with the crazy treatment and it may be his best video to date.

Ro Blvd: Yeah Tomás Whitmore is actually opening people’s eyes that there are different ways to do videos. I remember though, Thurz was doing all these melodies for the hook and I was like “Yo you gotta slow down! You can do a whole nother album with all these melodies!” (Laughs) But the “Hiatus” part is kinda like taking the off the stereotype of what people consider to be Hollywood. But with the feedback of that song along, creatively, speaks for itself.

Y-O: Our engineer called us and said he saw it on TV. We haven’t seen it yet! But it’s an incredible feeling. I remember the first day “Beautiful Day” got on TV. Lupe Fiasco did a performance and then Cipha Sounds gave it a premiere intro. I still got that shit Tivo’ed (Laughs) Me and my mom lost our minds like we won the lotto!!!

TSS: Do you feel that people judge you solely off your appearances before they even hear the music? Like does it irk you to be labeled as hipsters?

Y-O: I used to hate that shit in the beginning. People used to judge us off the way we dress and wouldn’t hear our music. But finally our music has gotten out there around the world and I see that word kinda like fading away whenever U-N-I gets brought up. But it used to piss me off. I would ask them “What is a hipster?” I don’t even know the definition. (Laughs). They try to box you but luckily people opened up their ears and got ahold of A Love Supreme and saw that it was more than just frivolous lifestyle. We just represent the common person that goes through the everyday struggles.

The song “K.R.E.A.M.” from Fried Chicken & Watermelon was about making the choice to pay your phone bill or buy some sneakers. A lot of people still don’t know I have a 9-5 job. Everybody thinks we pocketing money and just stacking from these shows but that money is being saved for our future like our videos; “Hollywood Hiatus” and so forth. I love touring but at the same time I be missing work which in turn lets me lose out on money (Laughs)

Thurzday: I still don’t know what a fuckin’ hipster is. When I think of hipster I think of electro music or what not. But yeah it does bother me but that’s the nature of people. People like to judge before they know what’s up but they just need to look past it and check out the music. There’s substance in the music and it’s not a gimmick.

TSS: Surely you knew this was going to happen beforehand…

Thurzday: Honestly, I wasn’t really looking out for that and worrying about what people were going to say because you can only be you by doing what you feel.

TSS: Would you say you’re the leader of the group Thurz?

Thurzday: I’d say it’s more of partnership. Y-O is out in Palmdale and I’m in L.A. so I go to most of the meetings with our manager Chris London but we both have come up with concepts and ideas.

Y-O: (Laughs) Yeah, we don’t stress that. One week it’ll be me coming up with ideas, then the next it’s Thurz. We don’t look at each other like “Yo, you gotta come up with the hook” (Laughs)

TSS: On the album y’all scream “This ain’t no fly-by-night shit…” How long have you been doing this?

Thurzday: Like I said we was in that Rapture Camp in high school, we were like 14, 15 years old going to Y-O’s uncle studio just trying to fine-tuning our craft. I’d say the serious push came from when we got management in ’06 when we got management behind us. But yeah, we didn’t just decide to pick up a pen last week.

TSS: Do you see yourself signing with a major before an indie?

Thurzday: Majors are cool. We’ve actually be getting hit up kinda crazy. But we’re definitely NOT going to sign a 360 Deal (Laughs!!!) I don’t my publishing, show money, merchandise taken. If the right deal comes along and they’re in tune with this new wave technology and we can figure out a way to get the music everywhere without changing our sound, then I’m with it.

Y-O: Yeah just because A Love Supreme was free doesn’t mean we didn’t get anything in return. Labels have been taking notice; we’re open to majors even though we have had success on the indie route. I’m sure they can take us to new avenues and it’s always great to have extra force behind you.

Ro Blvd: I’d say we’re in a pretty good position since we’ve come this far without major label backing. And we worked A Love Supreme to the point where majors want to fuck with us but it doesn’t faze us. Everybody’s at a level playing ground looking eye to eye right now. At the end of the day, we might be able to accomplish the same by ourselves.

TSS: Who would you say is your “Calendar Girl” Ro Blvd?

Ro Blvd: Oh man…if I had to pick one for the year, it would be most likely be Lady GaGa and her backside. Have you seen that thing? I’m a big fan of artsy girls and she can write her ass off and literally that ass is amazing (Laughs!!!)

TSS: What do your Acura say after you refused to wash it Thurzday?

Thurzday: (Laughs!!!) My shit was filthy! I hadn’t washed it since I got fired — last October (Laughs!!!) He was probably like “Damn muthafucka!”

TSS: I guess you didn’t get to Lauren London in time Y-O…

Everybody: (Laughs!!!)

Y-O: Yeah I never got to bump into her but I still got a story. My cousin used to style her hair and I emailed her the song to send to her. So she did and I guess she was having a bad day and it cheered her up. So then, I get up on Twitter the next day! She hit up me and Thurz like “I love the record…I wanna meet y’all” and all that. So I’m flirting, back and forth like “Let’s do a remix” and she like “Hell yeah I’m wit’ it.” So I’m like “Hold up. This is too good to be true.” So I hit up my cousin and tell her to ask Lauren is she has a Twitter. She hits me up five minutes later like “Noooo, she doesn’t have a Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.” I just lost it! (Laughs) I spazzed on Twitter and let EVERYBODY know that it was a fake Lauren London. I was actually excited like “She hit me up on Twitter.” (Laughs!!!)

TSS: So what does the future hold for U-N-I & Ro Blvd?

Y-O: The making of this album was much more intimate since we had the time to sit in the studio together. We just going to keep the momentum going.

Ro Blvd: Basically trying to take over with this Love Supreme shit. And when I say A Love Supreme, I’m not just speaking on the album. It’s everything we do. But you know what? I just want a GRAMMY! (Laughs) For real. People give you money, cars, cool but when I get that Grammy, I’ma hit you back TC and be like “Yo I told you!!!”

Thurzday: You know it would be great to go down as one of the legendary groups but I want U-N-I just to have a consistent track record for our entire career. A Love Supreme is just the tip of the iceberg, we have a lot more shit going down the pipe line.

Click on the pics to download U-N-I’s Fried Chicken & Watermelon, Before There Was Love & A Love Supreme.

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