Weed Is The New PED…

By: 08.22.09


…At least for basketball players. Michael Beasley took to his Twitter to show off his new tat. Unfortunately, it looks like he forgot there was dope on the table. If I was him, I’d say Starbury was visiting & in the background.

Note: When you see a compromising Twitpic from a professional athlete or entertainer, you should always save it because eventually their agent or publicist will have that joint pulled quicker than a New York minute. You should also use words like “allegedly,” “reportedly,” “our sources say” and then always use question marks, all for journalistic integrity (Read: to avoid gettin’ that ass sued).


Anyways, while no one can confirm that’s weed, we can all assume what would be laying on a coffee table in a baggie, right? Even if we can’t confirm the nature of what’s in the bag, we can safely say that tattoo is weak sauce.

I bet the weed was that babbage too.


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