TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Ghostface Killah

By: 10.09.09

TSS: You would think listeners would be more loyal considering your history…

Ghostface Killah: I know! Losing a fan? That’s like you lost a nigga forever. I done gave you — I don’t even get publishing catering to your little monkey ass! I done wasted all my fuckin’ money; I done all my time in the studio doing this to make your punk ass happy, and you gonna walk out on me like a little bitch! Ya know? Bitches do that shit (Laughs).

TSS: (Laughs!!!)

Ghostface Killah: It’s like yo B…these niggas be bugged out…I don’t understand…I don’t know…

TSS: Well, you alluded to the fact that this is your last album on Def Jam. At this point in your career, does it ever matter what record label you’re on?

Ghostface Killah: I mean…not really but to an certain extent. But with these indies, you might try and drop something, you’re not even gonna get that much shelf placement in the stores. For instance: Jim Jones fucked around and had the biggest record in the country with “We Fly High” while he was on Koch. If I’m not mistaken, they shipped 150k and he sold 108k! But if they would’ve had more muthafuckin’ records in the stores for him, he would have sold at least 300k or even better! So everything ain’t always what it seems with these indies either. It just depends know what I’m saying?

Right now I’m not even rushing any decisions. If Def Jam says something real good to me and I’m like at least I’m getting my presence and some spins out this shit, I might fuck around and say it’s whatever. Niggas try and act like they make a lot of money going independent. I mean…Jim left there because he didn’t see no checks like that! They still owe him money to make a long story short. It’s all whatever to me. All this shit is a deal. That’s what they mean by record deals. I got something you want, give me the money, BOOM! We made a deal.

TSS: Well let’s get into a Ghost Wisdom shall we?

Ghostface Killah: Hell yeah.

TSS: Say the scenario from “Guest House” was a reality — guy walks in on girl getting pounded out. Who’s to blame?

Ghostface Killah: It depends…See in a situation like that, you might not have time to think. You might just wild out and take it out on the nigga and then the chick, whatever, whatever. But if know the nigga and he know that was your piece, then he might have to get it because that’s violation. I don’t even know because I never really seen that…but you can imagine that shit. But the girl? She in clear violation. And back in my younger days, if I would’ve seen that shit and had the biscuit on me…TWO people would’ve got shot! I would’ve acted like I shot the bitch on accident (Laughs,) but somebody would’ve got hit B. That’s some serious shit right there.

Or you could you could fuck around and try to hold that but that’s a hard one to swallow; that’s a hard pillow to lay on man. I might have to fuck around…I don’t know…piss on her or something. Take her clothes and let her walk around…I don’t know! It just depends. That’s a good one though right there.

TSS: All that’s reminiscent of the audiobook you did a couple years ago. What made you spaz on there like that?

Ghostface Killah: MTV just liked my personality and wanted to hear my take on shit. Nothing major.

TSS: Definitely a lot of personality to go around.

Ghostface Killah’s Ghostdini: The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City features appearances and production Kanye West, John Legend, Fabolous, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Sean C. & LV and many more, and is stores NOW exclusively from Def Jam Records.

For a list of Ghostface’s extensive tour dates, go here.

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