DJ Shadow – “Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain”

By: 03.28.10  •  12 Comments

As humans we are in some way musical creatures in that music can manipulate our emotions and make us respond. A great song augments and becomes a part of your experiences, whether its dealing with difficult situations like love and death or just helping you overcome the smell of the guy next to you on the train. When you connect with a song, it can be its own escape or memory.

Each song on DJ Shadow’s album Entroducing has moved me in this way. As with any of my favorite albums, the song with which I am connected most changes over time. Right now the track of choice is a less appreciated album cut, “Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain.”

Unlike many of Shadow’s cuts which have catchy top lines, this track takes work to get into. An appropriately weird intro morphs into the first few minutes, which lope along. Finally the tension’s released through an other worldly guitar riff. Shadow is the master at pasting different sounds together and the little snippets he mixes underneath help bring out the full sound of the sample. From there the song crescendo’s into a mix of drum machines solos and mellower melodies. There’s so much detail to this track, so many movements, that is never grows old.

Now if only I could get TC to listen to it…

Download — DJ Shadow – “Napalm Brain/Scater Brain”

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