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Jovi Rockwell’s Fresh Too

By 05.18.10

There wasn’t much chance that I was checking this song when I saw it leak yesterday because, being honest, who even knew there was a part one to “Fresh I Stay”? Theeeennn, I found out darling Jovi was featured on the chorus (which most didn’t note @ first leak release) and I didn’t think twice. Here’s hoping a placement like a Flo-Rida track will help her garner the recognition she’s due from a larger audience. On the flipside, I’m praying there will be a version sans the guys when it appears on her Pyscho Therapy 1.5 mixtape.

Flo-Rida Feat. Lil Wayne & Jovi Rockwell – “Fresh I Stay” (Part 2) | Download

As an extra, here’s one that’s been getting time on my iTunes but I’ve been hoarding lax in posting. Another Jovi feature and this time it’s with Freebass 808 – a duo composed of Geechie Suede from Camp Lo and the producer Apple Juice Kid – and a track to be featured on their Liquid Love Space Dust project.

Freebass_808 Feat. Jovi Rockwell – “Rewind” | Download

Respect to Ruddy Rock

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