“Doin It Again” – Review Of The Roots’ How I Got Over

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<a href=""> Gambling with the trends of the music biz may result in quick and easy payouts but the practice of living on the edge can be devastating to an artist's career. Ask any musician who has chased the radio waves and they'll tell you the stakes are high. The Roots, on the other hand, thrived comfortably along the years with steady gigs and loyal supporters never losing sight of their vision. Continuing on with a Def Jam tenure that has brought a consistent accord in their discography, Black Thought and the band proceed to tell the world their hustle plans on How I Got Over. The Roots' ninth opus is a fulfilling delicacy of art, earning its stripes and distinction by wallowing in a somber tone, one that manages to avoid the realm of monotone through deliberate lyricism and a progressive musical score. The brilliant <a href="">"Dear God 2.0"</a> summarizes the power of prayer with Black Thought giving whispering harps and simple drum loop a rhyme sermon in confession.

The Letterman

Phil Ade – “My Story”

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<a href=""> As one of the most freshest new voices around, <a href="">Phil's</a> been releasing solid song after solid song in anticipation of <a href="">The Letterman</a>, which drops next week.

Rakaa Iriscience

Rakaa Feat. Aloe Blacc – “Crown Of Thorns”


<a href=""> While his partner-in-rhyme Evidence has been bringing the lyrical precipitation during their groups hiatus, <a href="">Rakaa's</a> been pretty quiet since Dilated Peoples last release back in '06.

William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley

Is William Wesley The Most Powerful Man In Sports?

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<a href=""> Not sure if this profile has appeared online or not but I do remember reading it in <a href="">GQ</a> a few months ago and wanted to share then.


Rhymefest – “City Is Falling” Video

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<a href=""> If it feels like the city is falling, you're probably in an earthquake and it would behoove you to seek shelter. If not, you're probably experiencing the fallout from the animation of <a href="">Rhymefest's</a> latest El Che clip.


Jazmine Sullivan Has Been Found, Finally

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<a href=""> <a href="">Jazmine Sullivan</a> obviously frequents TSS.


Orange Is Not A Good Color For Rappers

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<a href=""> Rappers and jail report, featuring updates on the court cases against <a href="">Boosie</a> and <a href="">Max B</a>.


UCB Feat. Wale & Colin Munroe – “Diana”

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<a href=""> Ready to be known to the general public for more than being Wale's backing band, Go-Go sextet <a href="">Mr. Folarin</a> drops off a quick 16 near the end, but Tre's vocals is the real star here as the group makes a smooth transition from the laurels of a backing band to snagging gigs as headliners.


Short Film: The Gorillaz’ Journey To Plastic Beach

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<a href=""> Fresh. Definitely larger than most undertakings as <a href="">Gorillaz</a> launch their short movie on the revamped Hulu Channel.


Joe Budden Releases Book To Help You Commit Suicide

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<a href=""> *Cue Infomercial Music* Feel like your life isn't worth living? Feel the sweet taste of death dancing on your tongue's tip? Want to end your life but feel like you're too much of a pansy to go full-suicide? Well, Joe Budden has the solution that'll get you right on that one-way ticket to Satan Town. That's right. Joe Budden is releasing a book of lyrics so you can read the most depressing words ever spoken on wax. You've heard "just get the abortion and I'll give you the 250," but it has a whole new level of hopelessness when seen on paper. Also, you can read the lyrics to <a href="">Padded Room</a> without having to cope with the shitty beats.

Wiz Khalifa

Rick Ross Feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – “Super High (Remix)”

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<a href=""> I have a hard time feigning interest in this guy so let's just say "Wiz and Spitta together on a new track." Cool? <a href="">Rick Ross Feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - "Super High (Remix)"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Via <a href="">RR</a>.


Sean Price – “Shut The F#$k Up” x “Let Me Tell You”

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<a href=""> "Aggins sorta rap, and they sing songs, I'm guerrilla rap, call me King Kong..." <a href="">Sean P</a> got not one but two new videos and <a href="">a nice piece of apparel</a> as well.


Eminem’s Recovery Recoups Rather Nicely

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<a href=""> No surprises here. <a href="">King Mathers</a> gets back to the money as Recovery ships-n-scans 741,000 copies and lands our favorite angry MC his sixth straight No.


Mookie Jones – Tuskegee

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You know Mookie Blaylock from hitting bombs from the outside and Mookie Wilson for winning World Series games by fluke plays.


6.30 The Cooler

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Jasmine Lili Hulu Plus Is Real <a href="">[Gizmodo]</a> Lauryn Hill Still In Denial <a href="">[Bol]</a> Top 10 Angriest Sports Heroes <a href="">[With Leather]</a> Mary Jane Of The Moment <a href="">[HMJ]</a> 7 Reasons To Watch The World Cup Despite The U.

The iPod Shuffle

De La Soul – “Patti Dooke”

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<a href=""> Taking the circuitous route, I just finished reading Fred Wesley's autobio, <a href="">Hit Me Fred</a> so that may partially be the reason "Patti Dooke" is making an appearance.



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<a href=",pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-317740/pgid-317741"> Ever since the <a href="">WBF event</a>, I've been stuck, waiting on these <a href="">Hyperfuse Trainers</a> to release and particularly this dark grey/neon-black colorway.

One Foot Out The Door

Mike Posner Feat. Jim Jones – “Cooler Than Me (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Not sure how much longer <a href="">Posner</a> can continue to ride this song.

Vaughn Anthony

Estelle & DJ Trauma – #ialmostmadeamixtape

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<a href=""> Just as it seems Estelle was too far gone in being a glamour girl, she bursts off the runway and back into the music scene with a new tape. Well...almost. Consisting of snippets, randoms and pure London swag, Ms. Darlings links up with <a href="">DJ Trauma</a> for the Twitter-fueled #ialmostmadeamixtape with cameos from Nas, Kardinal Offishall, <a href="">Maino</a> and surprisingly John Legend.

Nicole "Coco" Austin

Coco Austin Went To The Beach

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<a href=""> Choosing from the tamest picture from the set to make you direct your attention to the latest news that Ice-T's love slave <a href="">Coco</a> wore a bikini thong shoelace recently and hammed it up (weak pun) for photogs.

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