The Intermission

The 2010 Intermission: 75 Great Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far

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The first few months of the new decade have been bountiful for music and its fans.

The Darkside Vol. 1

“I Am CRACK” – Review Of Fat Joe’s The Darkside Vol. 1

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<a href=""> The classifications of being a rap star offer their fair share of shit to go along with every lump of sugar. As one of the few remaining members of his freshmen class, <a href="">Fat Joe's</a> increasing success on the Billboard meant he increasingly fell deeper into obscurity with the block.

the game

Game – “Hustlin’ (Champions Anthem)”

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You have to respect Game's resilience.


Shareefa x Don Cannon – The Misunderstanding Of Shareefa

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<a href=""> Shareefa is pretty adept in what she does, yet four years since "<a href="">Need a Boss</a>," it seems like people still don't know it yet.

Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Jungle Music”

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<a href=""> My tour of the Big Apple <a href="">continues </a>with a stop in Yonkers.


“They Rapin’ E’erybody” In Huntsville

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<a href=""> <a href="">T-Baby</a> and Detroit metro, meet the latest competition for the crown, Huntsville, Alabama.


DJ Supa Dave’s Droppin Science: The Best Of Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane

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<a href=""> A blast from the distant past here as Bash Brother & DMC Champ <a href="">DJ Supa Dave</a> presents a throwback mix featuring the works of <a href="">BDK</a> and <a href="">Kool G. Rap</a>, two of the nicest to ever touch mics.


7.30 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Kalia 5 Secrets Your Waiter Doesn't Want You To Know <a href="">[The Consumerist]</a> Freddie Gibbs Talks Major Label Saga, “Str8 Killa,” Rapping DJs & Rick Ross <a href="">[Complex]</a> Essence Editor-in-Chief Responds To Controversy Over White Editor <a href="">[The BVX]</a> Plot Of Charlie St.


Bun B Feat. Pimp C, 2Pac & Trey Songz – “Right Now”

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<a href=""> They say our rap legends are forever immortalized in the music. If you're a nonbeliever in the occult, Bun wants to change your religion with this particular track from his latest <a href="">trifecta</a>.


Bun B – “Chuuch!!!”

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<a href=""> In the Book of Trill, chapter 1:16, it clearly states that thou shall tell the truth and nothing but the truth while the congregation sangs. Bun B abides by this oath and he gives you the Trill O.G. preamble to increasingly whet your appetite for more of the realness. Team Trill strikes again. <a href="">Bun B Feat. J. Prince – "Chuuch!!!" (Prod. by Steve Below)</a> | <a href="">Download</a> And in case you have any questions about the album's details, let this promo spot featuring a yet-unreleased video for <a href="">"Countin' Money"</a> be your guide.

Paul Wall

Paul Wall – “I’m On Patron” Video

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<a href=""> Paul Wall is from Texas but he's subliminally saying syrup is for losers. He needs tequilla in heavy doses to get his party started. I had no idea this clip even existed until yesterday but there's plenty of comedic value to keep its Youtube hits steadily rising. Heart of a Champion? More like heart of a clown. <a href="">Paul Weezy</a> is a bona fide fool.


Joell Ortiz – “Sing Like Bilal Freestyle”

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<a href=""> "New rappers is cool, but we still bump Biggie..." Preach, <a href="">Joell</a>.

Teflon Don

“I’m Not A Star” – Review Of Rick Ross’ Teflon Don

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<a href=""> Thanks to a bit of good fortune and the stubbornness of a bull, <a href="">Rick Ross</a> has been able to navigate towards the upper echelon of today’s batch of rappers.


Skyzoo & !llmind – “Frisbees” Video

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<a href=""> I know and they know you slept on this whirling dervish of lyricism <a href="">last time out</a>, but here's the video so you can actually see what Sky &.


Kanye West, The Social Butterfly

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<a href=""> There was a time when Kanye was highly active online. Then he hit a rough patch, got frustrated, lashed out and quit because he was too "busy" and "creative" to update the mortals on his thoughts and actions. Now, he's returned to the scene to promote his new album, which apparently <a href="">isn't titled</a> Good Ass Job anymore, and he's been making an unlikely round of press by stopping first <a href="">@ Facebook headquarters</a> and then hitting <a href="">Twitter's HQ</a> just to perform new material for the respective staffs.


KiD CuDi – “Mojo So Dope”

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<a href=""> Please save a KiD that needs some help because Mr. Mescudi has been pushed back (<a href="">again</a>) to <a href="">October 28th</a> and his leaks are being slated to appear on bum-ass mixtapes.

There Is No Competition 2: Grieving Music

Get Well Soon, Fabolous

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<a href=""> The idea of Fab releasing TINC2 <a href="">to retail outlets</a> sounded like a good idea but I'm having second thoughts after seeing this cover art.


J. Cole’s Mystery Song

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<a href=""> Slight Hardy Boy mystery here but I'll <a href="">let DDot explain it</a> since he seems to privy to pertinent info related to the track.

waka flocka flame

Rick Ross – “Hard In The Paint (Freestyle)”

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<a href=""> FLOCKA! RICHARD! Rawse runs his turn @ Waka's joint. Surprisingly, his deep voice sounds damn near perfect over the rumbling bass. <a href="">Rick Ross - "Hard In The Paint (Freestyle)"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.

Scoop DeVille

Noreaga – “Nutcracker”

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<a href=""> You can check <a href="">N.O.R.E.'s</a> track record as a solo artist and observe how he's a master at storming out the gate with an infectious hit.

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