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Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick – Sophomore Slump Vol. 1: Independents Day EP

By 07.08.10

Tins and myself have spent the last few weeks in the corner of the TSS e-offices huddling over a laptop, listening to Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re quite the fans.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the first single “it is what it is” from their EP, Sophomore Slump Vol. 1: Independents Day. Now we’re happy to say that the whole project is out for your consumption. I would say that this is cause to celebrate, but nothing about this EP will make you want to bust out the streamers and piñatas.

It’s brooding – Mr. Nick unleashes dark piano keys and menacing basslines – and there’s not a single light-hearted track. Skipp doesn’t hold back, throwing out barbs about anything from Obama to the war in Afghanistan and materialism.

The standout track, and one that is a landmark for Skipp and Mr. Nick, is “4 28 1967 pt 2.” It features a verse – and, by virtue of his appearance, a major co-sign – from David Banner. It’s a monster of a song, with two virtuoso verses (“Ya’ll wanted Sambo/ well I’m Skipp Rambo”), followed by a dope outing from Luca Brazi.

<a href="http://tibbit.bandcamp.com/track/4-28-1967-pt-2-feat-david-banner-luca-brazi" target="_blank">4 28 1967 pt 2 feat. David Banner &amp; Luca Brazi by Skipp Coon &amp; Mr. Nick</a>

If you feel so inclined, when you hop over to their Bandcamp page to download, and drop off a few bucks to show your appreciation. Like Mr. Nick’s previous releases, you only have to donate what you want.

1. James
2. it is what it is
3. 4 28 1967 pt 1 feat. Melaphyre & PyInfamous
4. 4 28 1967 pt 2 feat. David Banner & Luca Brazi
5. get mad
6. fight

Download — Skipp Coon and Mr. Nick – Sophomore Slump Vol. 1: Independents Day EP

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