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Fake Wrestling Move Still Looks Awesome

By 07.13.10

The shooting star press. It’s a move that’s been pretty much banned from WWE since it almost killed Brock Lesnar a few years ago. In fact, only one person, Evan Bourne, is allowed to perform the move. It’s a spectacle of a move, always drawing cheers. Even the most jaded “this is fake” viewer is going to appreciate the athleticism it takes to pull off a forward-moving backflip.

Last night, on Monday Night RAW, Bourne attempted the move, but was subsequently caught mid-air by Randy Orton, who performed his move, the RKO. Yes, this was scripted, but it looks damn amazing. And you have to also appreciate the fact that this stunt was performed live in front of a huge crowd, so there wasn’t room for a re-take.


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