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Brandy Was The One That Got Away

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No, not that Brandy When it's all said and done, our parents' generation will probably end up staking claims to the one with the best music.


PoV: Puffy Poses In Plaid

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<a href=""> For a recent taping of "MTV Crashes Glasgow," Puffy got to dress more free and comfortably, rocking a kilt for the Scottish crowd. I'd say he looks very comfortable. Spotted: <a href="">The Urban Daily</a>.

Themidas Touch

Themidas Touch – Beat Up The Beat EP

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<a href=""> While most rappers are content with a simple shoving match with their instrumentals, Themidas Touch is a golden gloves MC and he's out to Beat Up The Beat for his freeEP. Metaphors for jabs, similes for hooks and this Columbus, OH wordsmith likes for his songs to hit you like a flurry of haymakers. With contributions from Ill Poetic, L.e. for the Uncool and Cliff Lefevre, the recording booth has now turned into the squared circle. *Ding* 01. Step to the Mic (Prod. by DJ Bombay) 02. <a href="">What U Want? (Feat. DJ Bombay) (Prod. by Cliff Lefevre)</a> 03.

Young Chris

Young Chris Is On That “Philly Sh*t”

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<a href=""> "It's the fresh prince of the city, no Carlton in here, Soulchild of the music (Musiq), it's the home of The Roots, Living life like it's golden, bumpin' Jill in the coupe." New shit here, "Philly Shit" to be right & exact. <a href="">Young Chris</a> is about to catch the break that's alluded him since the Roc dissolved.

#Kanye West

Duck Sauce – “Barbara Streisand” Video

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<a href=""> Don't be turned off by the name of the song or group, because <a href="">A-Trak</a> and Armand Van Heldon's eventful new video for "Barbara Streisand" is one of the most enjoyable virals of the year.


Balance x DJ Faze – B4: Greatest Materials

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<a href=""> The digital age has definitely birthed an interesting predicament. With more artists releasing multiple full-lengths in the course of a year, the overwhelming flood of MP3s can make it a chore to navigate through the music scene. <a href="">Balance</a> from The Bay celebrates his Independence Day as of 2006 which essentially makes him a veteran by today's standards.


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With PUSH! Montana

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The lines of fact and fiction in Hip-Hop have been blurred indefinitely with no clear exit strategy to the gateway of infallibility.

Pattern+Grid World

Flying Lotus – “Kill Your Co-Workers

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<a href=""> This <a href="">Flying Lotus</a> guy doesn’t enjoy taking days off.

Wiz Khalifa

Yo Gotti Feat. Wale, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa – “Look In Da Mirror (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Live From The Kitchen is never coming out but rappers from all ends of the earth know Gotti is truth, so, music they shall make. If you can recall, the video to <a href="">the original version</a>, YG had some pretty prestigious cameos and for the remix, he invites a trio of your favorite freshman to take a glance through the looking glass.


The B*tch*ssness Of Modern Man

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<a href=""> Could the over-appreciation of trends and styles be fashionable...or fassy boy? A friend and I spoke on this two weeks ago, as it relates to male R&B singers, and Killer Mike and I had a similar conversation yesterday. "it seems, the onset of blogs (and the ultimate re-blog of that one blog post) and certain famous men who have suddenly been bit by the high fashion bug who also make it a habit to vent their emotions on every public platform possible are to blame. "as a straight girl who has many gay friends and an older gay brother to boot, if a straight guy approached me and said; 'I LOVE YOUR LANVIN CLUTCH,' my natural response would be 'THANKS GIRL.' i mean, it’s just too jarring. the only boys who compliment me on my labels are the ones who want to wear my pieces, ie: usually gay boys. i think a compliment to my style or fashion is nice, but a compliment to prove you’re versed in the language of fashion is too obvious. "it’s not to say that a man can’t like or even love fashion, because i know plenty that do and are secure in their manhood – but this breed is different. being dapper has been important for for ages…but these boys who are SUDDENLY so forced about being fashion forward (and i say suddenly because it’s obvious which ones are trying) are a major scratch in a record that makes most girls stop and go 'WHAT?'." Read the rest of <a href="">"The Sissification Of The Modern Man: Fad Or Epidemic?"</a> at VA$HTIE's.

Strong Arm Steady

Strong Arm Steady – “Make Me Feel” Video

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<a href=""> Remember how gats were blurred out in videos for years? Strong Arm Steady says fuck that as they're stalkin' gat fools and walkin' jack moves in broad daylight. Drippin' with West Coast flavor, <a href="">S.A.S.</a> are a hard workin' crew; already prepping for their 2011 album Arms & Hammers with this joint right here.


Size? x New Balance “Estates Pack”


<a href=""> Fresh off their recent collaboration with Nike, retailer <a href="">Size?</a> teams with <a href="">New Balance</a> to add nice details to New Balance's 577 model for another desirable, versatile sneaker.


So Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady Walk Onto A Video Set…

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<a href=""> People always tell me that works from yesteryear are better left untouched. Then some utter tomfoolery like this pops up and mercilessly smashes that theory. The flick starts off with a doo-rag-wearing <a href="">Wayne Brady</a> nurturing his Luster's S.


Trey Songz Feat. Busta Rhymes & Nicki Minaj – “Bottoms Up (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Cooler redux with Lastarya While this is obviously Trey's song, Busta and Nicki steal the show as both employee quick-tongued flows for the remix of "Bottoms Up." Download -- <a href="">Trey Songz Feat. Busta Rhymes & Nicki Minaj – "Bottoms Up (Remix)"</a> Props: <a href="">Flex</a>.

#Kanye West

Kanye Says No G.O.O.D. Friday

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<a href=""> That "<a href="">Lost In The World</a>" leak yesterday screwed up this week's G.


9.30 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Jeny Romero Tyler Perry Rescues Atlanta Cub Scouts <a href="">[Straight From The A]</a> Six Local NILFs (News I’d Like to F@#k) You Need to Know <a href="">[TSJ]</a> The 'Official' Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume.

The Jacka

The Official 2010 A3C Mixtape

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<a href=""> I try not to get too excited about any musical events or traveling period. All of the pre-planning and coordinating involved usually does well enough at distracted me from the anticipation anyways. However, I fell head over heels in love with <a href="">A3C</a> rather quickly.


Lissie’s In “Pursuit Of Happiness”

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<a href=""> As a product of the Michael Jackson-Weird Al parody era, I realize that a song has transcended bounds when other artists decide to reinterpret it. While it may have been intended for one audience, it becomes long-lasting once outsiders latch on to it, helping to give the music legs to reach thousands more. Here, folk rocker <a href="">Lissie</a> puts her hooks into Cudi's "Pursuit Of Happiness," transforming the rapper's tune and bringing out a desperate, rebellious tone that really didn't expose itself in the original.


Chiefs DE Shaun Smith’s Down With O.P.P.

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<a href=""> Football is a dirty game but <a href="">grabbing another man's family jewels</a> is a whole different level of being competitive.

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