DaVinci’s 3,000 Mile Journey

By: 09.21.10

He doesn’t gangbang. He doesn’t get hyphy, nor is he planning to teach anyone how to Dougie. The world may not have stood still, but with DaVinci’s early 2010 project of a similar name, the Fillmore District of California received their cold, yet commanding representation in Hip-Hop. Since then, the Left Coast resident’s recipe for success has been filled with well-timed visuals and a strict regiment of performances.

Vinci will soon be taking his act down south to Atlanta for A3C. With just a mic and images of gentrification in his town, be prepared to experience a story of triumph, life or death situations and heartbreak, many times in the same song. An offering displaying these three traits is “Idle Mind.” Grab the nearest Giants fitted, take a listen and continue to immerse yourself in one of the more talented artists—regardless of area code—many still may not be familiar with.

DaVinci – “Idle Mind” | Download

Bonus: Since his music has been crafted from a variety of real life events, DaVinci speaks on righting wrongs and asking for forgiveness in his music.

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