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The Evolution Of Mood Muzik

By 10.27.10

Scheduled Appointment: Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse

Therapy Assessment: Through it was close to impossible to repeat the ambiance the second installment produced, 2007’s MM3 was a respectable follow-up. There was an effortless blend of pure lyricism and amazing introspection, often times finding themselves on the same track. And while many rappers of the day were content fulfilling an image, it was clear by the conclusion of this project that Joey had no problem whatsoever continuing to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Prescribed Medicine

“Hiatus” – An fitting title considering it had been two years since the last project. Regardless, it showed the stresses were still there and the ability to paint them into lyrical pictures hadn’t gone anywhere.

“Talk 2 ‘Em” – Outside of Nas, Joe’s disses towards Jay-Z always struck nerves more than most, mainly because he was a fan of the guy before anything else. Starting at roughly the 2:39 mark, “the student” becomes insubordinate and calls “the teacher” out for losing touch with the current generation and for his hypocritical decisions.

“All Of Me” – Comparatively speaking, this was MM3’s version of “If I Die Tomorrow,” which was the furthest thing from a detriment. The portion of the song focusing on “Tammy” will never get old.

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