TSS Presents Better Late Than Never Vol. 1

By: 10.15.10  •  31 Comments

Danny Brown – The Hybrid: Before all the
surrounding fuckery, The Hybrid was slated to be an actual retail release, but it never happened. Although it never saw sales racks, Danny Brown refused to allow it to languish, linking with 14KT and solidifying a free LP under his belt. We should all be thankful, as the album stands as one of the best releases of the current year. Danny possesses a frank charisma, off-kilter wit and vocal inflections that do make him seem like a hybrid child of Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney and George Clinton. There’s standout tracks abound – “New Era, “Greatest Rapper Ever,” and “Juno” – with very few missteps (“Guitar Solo”), mostly due to the a couple production guffaws. Overall, a fusion of gritty, Detroit conventional wisdom combined with D. Brown’s candid personality make for dynamite product.—Gotty™

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