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Hoodie Allen – “Dreams Up”

By / 01.21.11

About a year ago, Hoodie Allen sent us his reassuring, “You Are Not A Robot.” At the time, it was the lead single from this Long Island upstart’s once-upcoming album Pep Rally. Despite the song having singalong tendencies and featuring an MC eager to rock a properly-cut Marina & The Diamonds sample, the post never got written.

Our. Bad.

Yesterday, upon randomly being reintroduced to Hoodie’s music, I realized the bandwagon might be our only option left. Not only is the stuff we missed highly entertaining, this week-old single “Dreams Up,” from his upcoming Leap Year mixtape might be the kid’s best song yet. Built on a slice of Oh Land’s “White Nights,” this everyday-looking Caucasian with a great rap name delivers more movement-inducing music that is stocked full of energy drink residue, vague Lost references and enough positive vibes to justify giving that bum you pass every day on your way to work a wad of cake. Simply put, it’s dope.

So, Mr. Alan, we approve. But, obviously, you’re trucking regardless. So, more power to ya.’

Hoodie Allen – “Dreams Up”

Spotted @ Earmilk

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